Uber brings to Spain its new service to reserve a table or buy tickets with discounts: everything it offers


Uber expands its offer: beyond its VTC service (Vehicles of transport with driver) and has announced its arrival of Uber Explore to Spain. He emphasizes that throughout Europe, Madrid is his first bet. This service also arrives in Mexico in its final version (it was there in beta phase together with the United States).

Uber Explore allows you to make reservations at restaurants or bars, tickets for events or museums, access discounts and you can also book the trip to the place, . According to the spokespersons of the app, the activities, leisure proposals and tourist destinations that are shown to each user will be personalized according to your use of the app and your preferences.

Uber does not find drivers in the United States: why the situation in Spain is very different

They say from Uber that 30% of Uber users you do not look for a specific address when requesting your transportbut the name of a place (bar, museum, shop, some common place among tourists…).

How does it work

According to official information, at the moment Uber Explore is only through the app. You download the application on your mobile. If you do not have an Uber account you will have to enter your data and your payment method for future uses.

For the new section, you have to click explore. And there you will see the categories: restaurants and bars, nightlife, music and shows, art and culture, training and experiences. Choose what you are looking for and there you will see the available offer and also if there is any discount. Whenever you choose, you can book a trip and there will be an Uber to pick you up wherever you want to take you to your leisure activity.


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