Ubisoft announces crossover event for Ghost Recon Breakpoint and Rainbow Six Siege


Great news for fans of the Tom Clancy license titles: Ubisoft announces a Ghost Recon Breakpoint that will allow players to team up with their Rainbow Six Siege colleagues to battle new missions. It will be called Operation Amber Sky, and it will run from January 21 as part of the title update 3.10, which will arrive on the 19th, that is, a couple of days before.

And since we are, keep in mind that there will be a free weekend fair from January 21 to 24, so the game will be accessible without cost, and also the aforementioned Amber Sky Operation.

Refering to game update 3.10, will bring with it nine free missions: The Ghosts have discovered that Sentinel produces a toxic gas known as “Amber Ruin” in Auroa, which they sell all over the planet. Joining forces with an undercover Rainbow Six Siege team, players will have to stop production and find an antidote. To do this, they will have to overcome a series of objectives and venture into areas affected by this lethal gas, where they will have to wear gas masks and constantly renew their filters to survive. If we get over it We will unlock 11 unique rewards, including new weapons and full Rainbow Six Siege skins.

We will also have new teammates: After completing the first mission of the event we can add Ash, Finka and Thatcher, agents who maintain their unique appearance, weapons and abilities from Rainbow Six Siege. An operation available from the menu, and it will be an alternative to the usual teammates.

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Over 120 new customization items are also added: including full agent skins and more items.