Ubisoft Announces Roller Champions Closed Beta Dates


Ubisoft announces the dates of the closed beta for Roller Choampions, the team sports game that is free-to-play and in which we are going to skate, play ball, dodge and score. A mix that certainly encourages great games. And all this in stadiums with many fans.

It is now possible to register (if you are in Europe) to try the closed beta, which will start on February 17 from 6 in the afternoon until 10 at night on March 1 (all Spanish time in this news). It will be on PC, PS4 and Xbox One simultaneously, and with the possibility of cross-play.

The first time we saw this game was during E3 2019, when it could be tested right after its announcement thanks to a short public alpha for everyone. Developed by Ubisoft Montreal with Ubisoft Chengdu, Ubisoft Saguenay and Ubisoft Pune, it is a new sports reveal on wheels, offering a team PvP game.

The Roller Champions development team has made a host of improvements to the Closed Beta: new modes, including Ranked Mode, Custom Match and limited-time modes like 2v2, along with other surprises, various gameplay adjustments , new moves for solo and team play, and the Skatepark: a persistent meeting point where up to 6 players can practice and participate in mini-games for a limited time.

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