Ukraine is convinced that ICT plays a key role in this war: requests for blockades of companies to Russia


Ukraine’s deputy prime minister and head of Digital Transformation, Mykhailo Fedorov, has been very active on his social networks since the Russian invasion of his country began a few days ago. You have managed to draw attention to the situation in your country and on his Twitter he seems to have great faith that the world’s tech giants can help end this conflict with different methods of pressure.

It must be remembered that, in addition to the arms race, there are different forms of pressure that have been created in recent days by various countries of the world against Russia. The economic offensive diplomacy against Moscow claims that the Putin government end this war.

Also the technology companies can do something and the Ukrainian government seems to be convinced of the need for them to get involved with blockades and closures in Russia, to get Putin, end up giving in to avoid an isolated Russia. In fact, many multinational companies have closed their doors in the country, leaving thousands of people without work.

Ukraine wants the US to block software updates for Russia, but Moscow likes free software better

These days, Minister Fedorov has already accumulated some achievements, such as Elon Musk announcing the activation of Starlink in the country (although this measure is not very useful); he has caught the attention of cryptocurrency users (and soon lovers of NFT assets) receiving millionaire donations (Yesterday they amounted to more than 50 million dollars, according to information from the minister himself.

It has also gotten Google to agree to censor Russian public media on YouTube and the Play Store. It also asked Apple to close its Store to prevent the download of apps. The Cupertino company has not said anything about this, but it has stopped the sale of its products and has eliminated the applications of RT and Sputnik, media related to the Putin government.

In addition, this week he had “a call with the digital ministers of the EU countries that have promised to block from Russian television channels and IT companies” in the country.

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A review of Fedorov’s requests

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The deputy prime minister and head of Digital Transformation of Ukraine was not so active on his social networks until the last few days. Now every so often he tweets at big companies in the technology sector. He seems convinced that by technologically isolating Russia (not just the government, but the country’s citizens), could be the solution to end the conflict in this global world.

In his tweets, he has asked various companies to stop providing their services in Russia. yesterday Friday, the last post went to Jeff Bezos and Amazon (although now the CEO is Andy Jassy, ​​but he is not as popular as Bezos), asking him to close his services in Russia.

For its part, SAP has stopped selling its products in Russia, but for the minister this is not enough. And he has publicly called for also stop supporting SAP products already installed in the country. As can be seen on the Twitter account, also has requested this blockade from Oracle and the financial companies Visa and Mastercard, which could affect Russia even more economically, to put more pressure on the future decisions of its government. In the latter case, three days ago Visa and Mastercard announced the blocking of several Russian financial institutions from their network, which did not completely block their services.

Fedorov has also taken to his Twitter to share the decision by Nick Clegg (the former European political hotshot who is now, as part of Meta, chairman of global affairs) that Facebook is going to block profiles that spread misinformation or propaganda. . We must remember how the creator of Telegram already remembered that these convulsive moments can be used to spread hate


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