Uncomfortable moment at a Manchester United dinner due to Cristiano Ronaldo’s diet: “Nobody dared to eat a brownie”

Cristiano Ronaldo, owner of an enviable figure
Cristiano Ronaldo, owner of an enviable figure

Lee Grant, Manchester United’s third goalkeeper, made an important revelation about Cristiano Ronaldo’s diet, which made them live a awkward moment at a team breakfast. The footballer of the Red Devils It showed itself surprised by the dish of the Portuguese star and highlighted the privileged physique of the 36-year-old forward.

“This happened on Friday night, at the group rally at the hotel. As you know, we just had dinner and we usually have some desserts and ‘less good’ things. We have apple pie, cream brownies and stuff. But nobody dared to go for them “, revealed Lee Grant in dialogue with TalkSport, an English radio.

He continued: “I can guarantee that there was not a single player who touched the apple pie, and no one got up to get the brownie. They all sat there, and one of the guys even asked me, ‘What’s up Cristiano? Just plate? ‘ We were looking at what he had and of course it was the cleanest and healthiest dish you can imagine. I had several dishes and one of them had quinoa, avocado, and a couple of boiled eggs. It’s normal for him to be in such an incredible state of form. “

Cristiano Ronaldo is the owner of an enviable physique and he is in charge of proving it almost daily. The marked diet is one of the reasons why the world soccer star remains in force at 36 years of age. As he himself stated on more than one occasion, a healthy diet and exhaustive training were the main links to obtain great success throughout his career.

Days ago, one of Cristiano Ronaldo’s secret diets based on seafood and with a key ingredient to burn calories was known. A chef who cooked for the Portuguese during his time in Italy gave details of the menu he prepared for the world soccer star. In an interview with the British newspaper The Mirror, and the Italian chef Giorgio Barone, a specialist in cooking for renowned footballers, he recounted the meals he prepared for CR7 during his time in Turin when he became their resident chef. “There are no expensive foods. I use organic and natural food: fish, chicken, beef, eggs, avocado, coconut oil and black rice ”, said the specialist.

Cristiano Ronaldo with Chef Barone
Cristiano Ronaldo with Chef Barone

“You have to take care of your body as if you were taking care of a Ferrari”He added in reference to the care that a high-performance athlete such as former Juve has to have. As indicated by the English medium, Barone kept the contact of sugars, fats and carbohydrates to a minimum during the time he was in charge of cooking for Cristiano, his partner Georgina Rodríguez and the children, Cristiano Jr, Alana Martina, as well as the twins Eva María and Mateo. The chef took time off at his restaurant in Sardinia to serve the 36-year-old forward.

In the protein meal plan proposed by the Italian chef, seafood (prawns and octopus), were a vital part of the menu chosen by the player, as well as the lean meats such as veal, in addition to whole grains (black rice) and salads. In several of the publications that Barone made during his stay in front of the CR7 kitchen, you can see dishes in which seafood and vegetables were the main protagonists of the Ronaldo family’s meals. The same as one of prawns with avocado gazpacho and pasta cooked with coconut oil, a key ingredient to burn calories.

“I cook with coconut oil. It is also important to drink plenty of water, but purified. And drink a lot “Barone said. “Of course, everything is combined with hard training. But rest is as essential as training and nutrition, even in the afternoon. And eat early at night, “added the chef who worked for the footballer in 2018.

The salmon tartare in coconut and a crepe with pears, blueberries and raisins are some of the sweet dishes that the Italian chef spread through his account on Instagram, in which he can also be seen in photographs with Gianluigi Buffon, historic goalkeeper for Juventus and the Italian soccer team.

“Proud to be back at Manchester United,” said Cristiano Ronaldo, after scoring two goals against Newcastle, marking a historic return after twelve years between Real Madrid and Juventus. “Proud to be back at Man. United and playing in the Premier League once again, but above all, happy to help the team!” Instagram.

The posting was accompanied by the celebration of the second goal, 12 minutes into the complement, when he beat his defenders in speed and finished strong with his left foot after a control oriented with his other leg. “My return to Old Trafford was just a brief reminder why this stadium is known as the Theater of Dreams. For me, it has always been a magical place where you can achieve everything you set your mind to ”, followed.

And he closed: “Together with all my teammates and with the incredible support that we always receive from the stands, we face the road ahead with confidence and optimism that we will all be celebrating together at the end.”

Cristiano Ronaldo started like this splendidly a return that will be for two seasons and whose main objective will be to conquer the Premier League, who won three times (2006-07, 2007-08 and 2008-09) in his previous time at the club (2003-2009), and fight the Champions League again, which he raised in Manchester with Carlos Tevez before his departure to Real Madrid.

With this double he reached 120 goals for the English club in 293 games, and was one of Andy Cole – retired – to take eighth place in the historical table. Higher up and potentially achievable this season is Solskjær himself (126), George Best (137) and a little further the Dutchman Ruud Van Nistelrooy (150).


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