Undead Labs Strengthens State of Decay 3 Development With New Microsoft Supporting Study


The makers of the open-world survival video game recruit staff to work in Orlando.

From Undead Labs They continue to work on State of Decay 3, but to do so and comply with the quality and ambition standards that those responsible for them want to achieve, they have begun the construction of a new internal Microsoft team in Orlando, Florida, in order to support its current development.

No release date yet for State of Decay 3 on PC and XSeriesThe information has been made known through the LinkedIn of Simon Sherr (via Klobrille), who since last summer has been the animation director at Undead Labs. The work of this study seems to go through helping precisely with animation and animation issues technological with Unreal Engine 5 in State of Decay 3, although it is also mentioned that the study will also collaborate with other Microsoft initiatives.

State of Decay 3 was one of the first video games to be released for Xbox Series X | S in June 2020, and since then it has not presented any more news. Yes, it was learned recently, in November, of a new signing from the Saints Row saga. Also confirmed for PC, currently not offered release date.

State of Decay 3

In the background, Undead Labs has also continued to work on improving State of Decay 2, leaving us surprised at the Homecoming GamesCom, an update that added the original map of the first State of Decay title among other novelties.

You can delve into the latest Undead Labs proposal by reading the analysis of State of Decay 2 by colleague Álvaro Castellano for 3DJuegos that said: “we have a very genuine survival game in our hands and capable of offering us many hours of entertainment and maximum tension and immersion“.

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