Unique incident: cyclonic storm prevention caused catastrophe at night, people got sleep scattered in the morning

Amazing: A unique incident has come to light in Uppada, a small seaside village in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. After the passing of cyclonic storm prevention in Uppada, the fate of the people who slept at night shone in the morning. After the cyclonic storm passed Thursday night, people awakened from sleep on Friday morning have found pieces of gold like small beads on the sea shore, which are pure gold. Now people are wondering about where these pieces came from. Also Read – Cyclone Nivar Latest Updates: Big relief, weakened off the coast of Tamil Nadu.

In fact, on Friday, local fishermen did not have any pleasure in getting small pieces of gold like pearls on the beach. The thing of getting gold on the sea shore spread like a fire in the forest. After this, hundreds of people ran towards Uppada facing the cyclonic rain to test their luck and started looking for gold. Also Read – CA November Exam 2020: ICAI conducted postpone of these states due to Cyclone Nivar, know the condition of other places

Local people told the newspaper Times of India that about 50 people have found gold worth about 3,500 rupees and during this time many people have been seen filtering the sand from every wave with the hope of finding gold. Also Read – Indian Railway News: These trains were canceled due to Cyclone Nivar, the route instead of some

What is the reason for the founding of gold pieces on the beach in Uppada, it has not been clear yet. However, local police said that there were two recent incidents of rupture of temples under the influence of sea erosion and in recent days several houses have also collapsed under the influence of sea waves. It is estimated that in the last two decades about 150 acres of land has gone into marine erosion.

ASI Lavu Raju told the newspaper Times of India that the revenue officials would visit the village on Saturday and assess the occasion. He said that only a few people have found gold on the beach. Not everyone was lucky.

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