Unique wedding held in Chhatisgarh, a bridegroom demands two brides in the same pavilion, know

Chhattisgarh: In today’s run-of-the-mill life, people are worried about a wedding, a wife, but in Chhattisgarh, a man asked for two brides in the same pavilion. One man fell in love with two girls and both agreed to live with him. Even the family members did not mind this marriage, so the young man made seven rounds with both the brides in the same pavilion. Wedding pictures and videos are becoming viral. Also Read – The impatient couple made such a mistake for marriage, the High Court said – action should be taken on both

Chandu Maurya of Bastar Lohunga district of Bastar fell in love with two girls last year. The three agreed to live together, after which all three were married in the same pavilion. This unique wedding was seen on 3 January. Actually, during the Corona period, Chandu first fell in love with Sundari, so he brought her to his house. After a few days, Chandu again fell in love with fever, and she fell in love with Hasina, who lived in the neighborhood, and she came to live with him. Then the three agreed to live happily together. Also Read – Uttar Pradesh News: Mother-daughter wedding held in the same pavilion, people watching the groom said – it’s amazing

Actually there is a belief in the tribal community to have more than one wife. Such cases are often seen in Bastar and other tribal dominated districts. Surprisingly, the families of both the girls happily accepted the decision of marriage. First, the girls gave consent, and then Chandu’s family also approved this marriage. Also Read – Hi Re! Corona virus, what did you do …. bride accused blamed, husband not capable, groom gave proof – I am man

Such a case of love is rarely seen. Chandu loved both girls, and girls also loved Chandu very much. Therefore, in the same pavilion, he decided to marry both the brides together. According to local people, hundreds of people attended this wedding. This unique marriage of the state is now in the news.

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