United States delegation will arrive in Colombia to coordinate peace agenda and fight against drugs with the Petro government

Todd D. Robinson, Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL)
Todd D. Robinson, Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL)

Two weeks after the presidential inauguration, a new delegation from the United States will arrive in the country, different from the one that attended the beginning of Colombian President Gustavo Petro’s term in office, mainly to discuss the security agenda of the new government, both its plans of total peace as a fight against drug trafficking.

According to the US Department of State, the delegation will be made up of Todd D. RobinsonUndersecretary of State for the Bureau of Anti-Narcotics Affairs and Law Enforcement (INL); Rahul Guptadirector of the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) and Peter NatielloSenior Deputy Administrator of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The delegates of the North American government of the president Joe Biden They will travel to the country from this August 21 and will stay until the next 25. During that time, they will hold meetings with senior officials of the national government to discuss different programs.

Mainly, the interest of the delegation will be in the cooperation of USA y Colombia regarding the implementation of peace, including the protection of the environment, security, rural development, human rights, anti-narcotics agenda and transnational crime.

“Following Secretary Nuland’s announcement in February of $8 million for human rights-related policing initiatives, Under Secretary Robinson to Launch Two $3.85 Billion INL-Backed Agreements to Strengthen Institutional Human Rights Policies and establish a police standards center in the Colombian National Police,” the State Department said.

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The delegation will seek to maintain the ties of collaboration between both nations under the administration of Gustavo Petro, including the announcement of progress regarding partnerships with the Pan American Foundation for Development and Colombo Plan.

This visit takes place right at the beginning of the Petro government, when initiatives have been announced regarding a change in the fight against drugs from the Colombian government, as well as undertaking programs to consolidate peace, such as resuming talks with the ELN and the subjugation of other armed groups.

“If the activity for which cocaine is sold is to have money, because what else is cocaine sold for, and the sale of money, or rather the sale of cocaine for money, is processed in our national economy, through operations , mega money laundering operations, someone explain to me how the money laundering organization can be destroyed with military instruments”, said the president during the inauguration of the new commander of the National Police.

Petro proposed a new treatment for coca-growing peasants. “The National Police is not there to come to a house of a peasant family and because he cultivated coca leaf, drag them to prisons; 25% of prisoners in prisons are peasants from Colombia“, he pointed.

These are part of the changes projected by the new government regarding security policy, which involves the fight against drug trafficking organizations. These are the responsibility of the United States, which has signed several commitments in exchange for support to achieve goals in this regard, such as reducing the levels of cocaine production and coca cultivation by 50% in 2017, with a goal set for 2023.

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The growth trend of coca crops in Colombia slowed down in 2018, but the number of hectares planted remains at record highs despite going from 171,000 in 2017 to 154,000 in 2019, according to reports from the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (Unodc).


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