Unlock 4.0 From 1 September: Are school-college and train services going to start from 1 September ..?


Unlock 4.0 latest news: The country is currently in the third phase of unlocking since the Corona virus lockdown and many restrictions are still in place to prevent the infection from spreading. In the fourth phase of unlock, most people are hoping that now the government will reopen the school from September 1 so that children can start studying again. In the last six months, due to Corona virus, all educational institutions including school colleges have been closed. It is expected that with Unlock 4, school colleges will start again in all parts of the country. Also Read – Unlock 4.0: SOP ready to start service, these facilities will not be available on commencement of operations …

Train services were also not fully operated due to corona virus along with school college. Train services are still operational from some cities of the country. There is still doubt about the metro train that knows Delhi’s lifeline. No clear information has been given by the government right now on which services will be given relief in unlocked four and which will still continue to be banned. Metro services were suspended in March to prevent the spread of the corona virus. Also Read – School Reopening News in Hindi: When will the schools be opened? Union Education Minister gave this answer …

In the fourth phase ‘Unlock 4’ of the lockdown waiver starting from September 1, the government is likely to allow Metro train services to operate but schools and colleges are not likely to open in the near future. Also Read – Unlock 4.0: Schools and colleges will open from September 1! What will be open, what will be closed?

We can see many major changes with school and train service after 1 September. With Unlock 4.0, bar operators can also be allowed to sell liquor at their counters, but this permission will be given by customers to take it home, meaning that drinking alcohol while still sitting at the bar will be completely banned.

If sources are to be believed, schools and colleges still will not be opened immediately. The government does not want to make any haste on this matter because this matter will completely affect the health and future of children. There is intense discussion on whether higher educational institutions like universities, IITs and IIMs should be allowed to open.

Lockdown will remain strictly in prohibited areas across the country. At present, metro rail services, cinemas, swimming pools, recreational pools, theaters, bars, auditoriums, other auditoriums and other such places are under restricted activities. There is a possibility of ban on social, political activities, sports, entertainment, academic, cultural, religious programs and other conferences next month. The lockdown waiver ‘unlock’ process started from 1 June.

Another official said that the possibility of allowing theaters to open from September 1 is unlikely as it is commercially viable for filmmakers or cinema owners to follow the rules of keeping distance from each other. Will not done.

In the Unlock 4 guidelines, the central government will only mention banned activities, the rest can be restored. According to the official, the state governments can take a final decision on those additional activities that continue to be banned during Unlock 4. Unlock 4 guidelines can be released by the end of this week.


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