Unlocked Bihar from Corona, gates of temples-malls and parks opened, old beauty returned

Bihar Unlock: Unlock-4 has started in Bihar from today, easing the ongoing lockdown due to Corona virus. The Central Government’s guidelines for unlocking the Corona virus from Unlock 4 has been implemented in Bihar also from today, due to which the old raun has now returned again. Temple-mall-parks have opened all over Bihar including Patna on Tuesday. The restriction of the deadline for opening and closing of all other types of shops including vegetables, fruits, meat and fish has also been abolished. Also Read – In this state, there is no need of a prescription for a corona test, you can get it checked on your own

In view of the infection of the corona virus, after a long time, the gates of the temples opened today, and crowds of devotees gathered to see God. From six o’clock in the morning, people started reaching the Mahavir temple in the capital Patna Junction to worship and anyway, due to Tuesday, a large number of people gathered. Also Read – Both governments left the public on its condition, people should protect themselves: Shivpal Singh Yadav

Awareness among the people was shown in the temples to prevent corona infection. Women and children of men and women all reached the temple with a mask on their mouths. The temple management has also asked the devotees to wear the mask without entering the mask. Also Read – Punjab in difficulty: Four times increase in death toll from corona from August 1, this is the reason

On Tuesday morning, a large number of people reached the P&M Mall, but the gate of the mall did not open today. Seeing the gate of the mall closed, people started returning. It has been said that the mall has been closed for many months and that is why the maintenance work of the mall will take place today, only after that the mall will be opened.

At the same time, parks in Bihar have also opened in Unlock 4 in Bihar and this showed a lot of morning walkers. The closure of Gandhi Maidan and other parks in the city was causing much inconvenience to people. In order to stay healthy, the craze of walking and exercising in the morning is among the people, who used to walk on the road in compulsion due to the closure of the park, they reached the park today.

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