UP an IPS earned one million dollars in a day, told how on Facebook ..

Facebook Post: Uttar Pradesh’s fiery IPS Navneet Sikera has written a post on Facebook in which he has told that he has earned more than one million dollars in a day, you are not surprised to hear. But this earning is not real. Now we tell how they have earned one million dollars a day…. Also Read – UP Crime: The brutal murder of a Dalit girl after rape, seeing the dead body, the doctors were also blown away

Navneet Sikera has written in his post that the Police Headquarters Lucknow is a 10-storey grand building with most glass windows facing outside, which has to be very risky and very careful. I notice today that 2 boys are engaged in cleaning the glass outside my room, it was bright sunshine at 2 o’clock but they were very busy in their work. Also Read – 15 year old teenager committed suicide by gang rape

That’s when I got the idea that lunch time is something to be done for these hard working boys. I knocked the glass pan but they did not see me, then I knocked more loudly, then I got eye from a boy, I asked him to come aside. Also Read – UP: The woman set herself on fire in front of the assembly, the reason came out, know

I notice that suddenly the boy was very nervous due to my calling like this. But as soon as he came near the window (all the glass windows are fixed except for one) I opened the glass window and caught 6 bananas in the polythene, I said, “You are working hard to eat something that smiles on the sweaty face”. Came, I swear, I have earned more than a million dollars. I was very relieved.

Earning 1 million dollars

It happened that the Police Headquarters Lucknow is a 10 storey grand building with most of the glass on the outside…

Posted by Navniet Sekera on Friday, 16 October 2020

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