UP: forgery of 292 crore in animal husbandry department, 10 fraudsters, 10 thousand pages charge sheet

UP crime: A 10,000-page charge sheet was filed after a six-month investigation against 10 fraudsters, including the Principal Secretary to the Minister, in the case of a fake tender of Rs 292 crore to get a fake tender of Rs 292 crore in Uttar Pradesh’s capital Lucknow. is. Also Read – Sumaiya Rana, daughter of Munawar Rana, was going to surround CM residence

In the investigation done by ACP Gomtinagar, it has been found that in this fraud, from secretariat to government vehicles and officer’s chair were used. In this scam of crores, STF has sent 9 people to jail while investigation of 7 people including one IPS is going on. Also Read – Stunned in UP: the liquor started coming out of the hand pump, the police was also surprised to see

During the investigation of STF, a case of grabbing Rs 9 crore 72 lakh in the name of fake tender was caught in Animal Husbandry Department from a businessman of Indore. In this entire fraud, Rajneesh Dixit, Principal Private Secretary to the Minister of State for Livestock, Contract Secretariat of the Secretariat and Dheeraj Kumar Dev, Private Secretary to the Minister, alleged journalists AK Rajiv, Anil Rai and Ashish Rai, who described themselves as Deputy Directors of the Livestock Department. Also Read – Four youths from 11th student did a video, they kept making screaming videos, then beaten

Ashish Rai, the main conspirator, himself became deputy director using the office of SK Mittal, deputy director of the Animal Husbandry Department. In the STF investigation, it has been confirmed that Ashish Rai, the master mind of the livestock scam, was very close to the suspended IPS officer. At the behest of him, both IPS had helped him in the scam.

Chargesheet has been filed against 10 including journalist Anil Rai, AK Rajiv’s main conspirator Ashish Rai, Minister’s personal Rajneesh Dixit and Home Guard Raghuveer Prasad. The judicial ACP has filed a charge sheet in three courts under the Prevention of Corruption Act by Shweta Srivastava. At the same time, investigation is going on against Santosh Mishra journalist, DIG Arvind Sen, seven including chief accused Dilbahar Yadav.

Two IPS officers have also been suspended in the livestock scam. In which DIG Dinesh Chandra Dubey was facing serious charges for getting the contract. While DIG Arvind Sen has been accused of threatening the victim businessman by calling him CBCID headquarters. Arvind Sen’s statement is yet to be taken in the deliberations.