UP: Gold worth two crores was hidden in the diapers, the slant moves opened the pole, know then …

UP crime: The flight of a passenger of flight number G8,6451 from Riyadh at Lucknow airport on Wednesday evening was somewhat strange. When the custom team searched, gold worth more than two crore rupees was recovered from his diapers. This gold hidden in diapers was in the form of 33 gold biscuits weighing 3849.12 grams. The arrested gold smuggler is a resident of Moradabad. Also Read – UP Police Announce- Bring Mafia Don Mukhtar Ansari’s sons, get reward of 25000

Deputy Commissioner Custom Officer Niharika Lakha said that the accused was cleverly tying these gold biscuits on top of the diapers in the undergarments. But the manner of its running was doubted and when it was searched all were taken aback. The accused wore several diapers over their underwear. The gold biscuit was hidden inside. The biscuits were kept with a cup affixed to cello tape, so that no one had any doubt. Also Read – Elderly woman raped by 70-year-old woman, threatened with death, then …

The officer said that when the passenger exited the flight and his speed changed before the checking point. He was not walking like ordinary people and there was nervousness on his face, due to which he was stopped for questioning. At first he tried to mislead the officers but when strictly questioned, he got nervous and then when he was searched, the pole strip opened. Also Read – UP: 292 crore fraud in animal husbandry department, 10 fraudsters, 10 thousand pages charge sheet

Deputy Commissioner Airport Niharika Lakha says that in this way gold of such a price has been brought here from Riyadh, it is clear that somewhere a big gang smuggling gold is working. The custom team suspects that people of the accused must have been present outside the airport, they are being interrogated as well as being investigated.

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