UP: SDM showers poles on people, CM Yogi immediately suspended when this video surfaced


new Delhi: In Uttar Pradesh, an SDM was outnumbered by people walking on masks. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, taking cognizance of the video of this behavior of SDM, has instructed to suspend Sub-Collector Ashok Chaudhary with immediate effect while taking cognizance. Also Read – 1600 sqft hospital prepared for COVID-19, packed on a trailer and taken anywhere

In fact, the sub-divisional magistrate (SDM) and police personnel of Ballia carried out a checking operation on Belthara Road due to Kovid-19 whether people are wearing masks and following social distancing. But in the campaign, MDM Chaudhary and the police personnel were seen in a video raining on people. Also Read – OMG! School was opening daily here, children were studying in class, government shocked, these orders …

When the matter comes to light, the Chief Minister’s office has tweeted that Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has instructed to suspend them with immediate effect, taking cognizance of the misbehavior done by Mr. Ashok Chaudhary, Deputy Collector of Belthara Road, District Ballia. . On the Twitter @myogiadityanath of the CM office, it has been said that in order of the Chief Minister’s instructions, Mr. Ashok Chaudhary has been suspended and associated with the Revenue Council.

Many people were seriously injured by the beating of SDM. One of the shopkeepers had lost his hand. There is resentment among businessmen for beating people with sticks by SDM Bilthra Road Ashok Chaudhary on Tehsil campus, road and market. As soon as the video of this incident became viral on social media, the sub-officer’s style of functioning became standing in the slaughterhouses.

SDM Ashok Chaudhary had started a campaign against those who do not use social distancing and masks on Thursday near Bithra Road Tehsil of Ballia district. The SDM, who arrived with the police, suddenly started beating people around the corner. This led to a stampede, people started running around. After beating people in the tehsil premises along with the police and home guards, he went towards the market. While passing through the road, the bike riders showered sticks.

After this, he reached the Chowkia Mor where Rajat Chaurasia, who was present at his grocery store, dragged him out of the shop and started beating him. He was hit by an arm beating SDM and started bleeding. Ashutosh Chaurasia, who came to save his brother and put his side in front of the SDM, was also beaten with sticks by the sub-officer and sent to the police station with the soldiers.

One shopkeeper put on a mask, while another tied a handkerchief over his mouth. Not only this, a young man is seen wearing a mask in the viral video. He is also seen running the SDM and beating him with sticks. People say that there is a provision for taking action under penalty and epidemic act for not following social distancing and not applying mask. In such a situation, it is completely wrong to beat people with sticks by SDM.


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