Upgrading Your Bar for the Digital Age


People like to drink, and that is the main reason bars exist. However, drinking is not all that bars are about. It is also a place to socialise and meet with others. As part of this purpose, it needs to modernise itself to keep up with the changing times. Here are some upgrades every bar needs to keep in touch with modernity.

Connect with WiFi

People will come into your place bringing their smartphones and tablets. While there is mobile data to connect them, they will appreciate a smoother connection. This situation is where having a WiFi connection will be a big help. It is easy to set this up. All you need is an internet connection and a WiFi hotspot. Of course, you’ll need a high bandwidth connection to keep up with the demand, but it can be worth it.

Add some entertainment

The traditional television on the liquor shelf is a part of the bar experience, but it needs some updating. Instead of an ordinary TV, choose a bigger and bolder modern version. It can be surprising how affordable some of the widescreen LCD TVs are. Mount them on the wall and use a soundbar mounting bracket to add additional volume to the sound so people can hear it in a noisy bar, so you’ll get more attention. Additionally, you can use the audio-visual system for bar events for maximum use.

Better lighting for a cheery mood

The stereotype of a seedy and dimly-lit bar doesn’t work well in today’s business environment. People go to a bar to feel good, and darkness doesn’t help. Install better LED lights so that your patrons can see better. Combine it with some well-positioned mirrors, and you can be sure that anyone visiting your bar can see things clearly.

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Install some digital signage

Another thing you can install is digital signage. With these screens flashing your menu regularly along with some excellent promotional videos, you can be sure to catch the attention of your customers. The great thing about this sign is that you can customise it to your needs. For example, if you have a special event, use a template to announce it to your patrons. It also allows for a quick change in the menu.

Implement digital management tools

It is not only the front-end that can benefit from upgrades. You also have the chance to improve the processes behind the counter. Instead of a basic cash register, you can have a fully integrated digital point-of-sale terminal. This upgrade allows you to track better what you are selling and your daily cash flow. You will be better able to make business decisions and keep track of what is popular at the bar.

Final thoughts

Some of these upgrades are simple changes. Implementing them should be easy and affordable for your pub. With them in place, you can be sure that your patrons will be happier and enjoy their time at your business more.