Uproar over Muslim MLAs in Bihar, Owaisi and Congress tension due to CM Nitish’s move

new Delhi: The lack of not having a single Muslim minister in the new Nitish Kumar Government of Bihar can be overcome in the future. Three out of five Muslim MLAs who won Seemanchal seats from Asaduddin Owaisi’s party AIMIM can change the seat. Not only AIIM but disgruntled MLAs of the Congress (Congress) are also eyeing Nitish Kumar’s party JDU (JDU). Because JDU is worried about its strength due to only 43 seats against the BJP’s 74 seats in Bihar Election. It wants to strengthen its position on the strength of number of rebel MLAs of other parties. Sources say that all the constituents included in the NDA are trying to increase the number force. So that the gap of NDA seats can be further increased from Mahagathbandhan. Also Read – ‘BJP will form government in Maharashtra in next 2-3 months, preparations have been made’

Congress and Owaisi’s party worried
Owaisi’s party AIMIM is said to be worried over the possibility of MLAs joining JDU. Party chief Owaisi is keeping a close watch on his MLAs. This was the reason that after the victory, Owaisi called all the MLAs to Hyderabad. By constantly contacting all the MLAs, Owaisi is trying his best to keep them connected with the party. On the other hand, the Congress is also holding meetings of several senior leaders with its 19 MLAs and motivating them to stay in the party. Also Read – Discord and Congress’s advice to its leaders- Do not make public statements because …

Owaisi MLAs may become ministers on joining JDU
According to the information, Owaisi MLAs feel that they can become ministers when they go to JDU. Because despite the 16 percent Muslim population in Bihar, not a single Muslim minister has been formed this time. Nitish Kumar of secular image contested 11 Muslims from JDU, but all were defeated. Even Khurshid alias Feroz Alam, the only Muslim minister in the Nitish government, also lost the election. In such a situation, Muslim MLAs of Owaisi’s party (Muslim MLA of Bihar) can become ministers in the government. According to a JDU leader, JDU has penetration among Muslims in Bihar as well. In such a situation, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar may need a Muslim minister. But the absence of a single Muslim MLA in the NDA creates a chance from outside. Also Read – Tejashwi Yadav’s big announcement – the people of Bihar will not tolerate any more, we will hit the streets

Manjhi’s offer may break even in Congress
In the Bihar Assembly elections, the Congress could win only 19 seats. NDA colleague Jitanram Manjhi (Jitanram Manjhi) offered Congress MLAs to come with Chief Minister Nitish Kumar after the election results. Actually, the gap between NDA and Grand Alliance in Bihar is only 15 seats. The NDA has 125 more than just 3 MLAs with a majority, while the grand alliance led by Tejashwi Yadav has 110 seats. Thus the Grand Alliance is 12 seats away from the majority figure of 122. In such a situation, NDA leaders want to increase the number force and keep the government in ‘safe mode’ in future also. Sources say that in the election, JDU finished third with 43 seats.

Membership under the defection law is not canceled if a party breaks down two-thirds of the MLAs. Sources say that in such a situation, if dissatisfied MLAs from Congress and AIMIM want to come, then JDU will take steps only if it is two-thirds. If the MLAs of other parties want to come to Bihar, will the NDA which forms the government by majority accept it? On this question, a senior BJP official said that the doors of NDA are open to all. There is a rage inside the Congress, but the BJP is not in contact with any MLA. No one can comment about JDU.