Urmila Matondkar bought 3 crore new office, Kangana Ranaut said – ‘I wish I was smart like you’

Mumbai: Actress-turned-politician Urmila Matondkar said on Sunday that she had bought a new office with “hard earned money”. Matondkar said this after Kangana Ranaut targeted him on this purchase and linked it to his (Matondkar) joining Shiv Sena. Matondkar contested the Lok Sabha election in 2019 as a Congress candidate from the North Mumbai constituency. She joined the Shiv Sena led by Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray on December 1. Also Read – Kangana targeted Shiv Sena, said – Mahavinshakari government has wrongly accused, there will be a fight in High Court

Ranaut shared the screenshot of a report using Twitter claiming that Matondkar bought the office for over three crore rupees “a few weeks after joining the Shiv Sena”. Also Read – Arjun Rampal caught in Kangana’s party in drugs case, people targeted on Saadha actress, said- ‘Party with Charasi’

Actress Ranaut of the film “Queen” claimed that the Shiv Sena partner Congress in the state’s coalition government is trying to demolish her house. Ranaut also lashed out at Matondkar, saying he was “smart” as he maintained good relations with his former political party. Also Read – Shock to Kangana! The court said- the actress committed a serious violation of the scheme while mixing the three flats

Actress Ranaut, 33, said, “Dear Urmila Matondkar ji, the house I built with my hard earned money is being demolished by Congress…. There are only 25-30 legal cases against me.” “I wish I was as smart as you and would have kept Congress happy.” I’m so stupid, no? “

Matondkar shared a video on Twitter tagging Ranaut and asked him to arrange a meeting where she would be present along with all the documents for proof.

He said in the video, “This is a proof of how I bought the flat in 2011 with my hard earned money after working for about 25-30 years.” The document contains papers for the sale of the flat in the first week of March. “

He said in the video, “It also has papers on how I bought the office with the money that I earned from my hard work.” The flat I bought was taken long before I joined politics. “

Matondkar, 46, also targeted Ranaut for protecting the “Y-Plus category” from crores of taxpayers’ money. In September 2020, Ranaut was given Y-Plus category security by the Ministry of Home Affairs amid controversy over her remarks that she is afraid of the Mumbai Police. At the same time, Matondkar also asked Ranaut to present a list of those in the industry, whom he claimed were involved in the narcotics case.