Use Sekiro’s weapons in this spectacular Dark Souls 3 mod


If you are a regular player of Dark Souls 3 on PC, you probably already know the popular mod The Blades of Ashina. But, whether that is the case or not, today’s news interests you. The fact is that the modification has recently been updated by its creators.

For what purpose? Add weapons and armor from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice to the game. That way, all those who try it, will be able to holster weapons like the Kusabimaru. Or in other words, the most characteristic katana of the protagonist of Sekiro.

As indicated from Wccftech, the mod can be found on NexusMods. In addition, its creators have published an extensive list with all the content that reaches this new version 4.0. You can see them all below:


  • Snake Eyes Handgonne – [18 STR] [24 DEX] [0 INT] [0 FTH]
  • Phantom kunai – [10 STR] [32 DEX] [15 INT] [0 FTH]
  • Talon of Hatred – [18 STR] [12 DEX] [25 INT] [25 FTH]
  • Kumogiri & Ashina Greatbow – [14 STR] [30 DEX] [0 INT] [12 FTH]
  • Blades of Conquest – [25 STR] [23 DEX] [10 INT] [20 FTH]
  • Tomb Greatstaff – [18 STR] [24 DEX] [0 INT] [0 FTH]
  • Nightjar Sickle – [9 STR] [12 DEX] [0 INT] [0 FTH]
  • Kusabimaru – [5 STR] [18 DEX] [0 INT] [0 FTH]
  • Flame Vent – [8 STR] [0 DEX] [14 INT] [12 FTH]


  • Golden Crest Helm
  • Sword Saint’s Garb
  • Sword Saint’s Skirt

Combat Arts

  • Whirlwind Slash
  • Nightjar Slash: Reversal
  • Ichimonji: Double
  • Ashina Cross
  • Praying Strikes: Exorcism
  • Shadowrush
  • Dragon Flash
  • One Mind
  • Floating Passage
  • Spiral Cloud Passage
  • Sakura Dance
  • Empowered Mortal Draw
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Finally, the creators of the mod confirm that it is not necessary to make a new game to be able to get these weapons, since the items are purchased from an existing NPC. Without a doubt, great news for users who simply want to try it in their current games. If you want, you can see the mod in motion in this video from its creators.