Uttar Pradesh Poisonous Liquor Death: Poisonous liquor killed six, CM Yogi said this ..


Uttar Pradesh Poisonous Liquor Death: Six people died and five were in critical condition after drinking poisonous liquor in Amilia village of Phulpur in Prayagraj district of Uttar Pradesh. The incident is of Friday, the first death of a poisonous alcohol drink occurred on Thursday night while five others died on Friday. At the same time, five others have been admitted to the hospital in critical condition, where their condition remains critical. Also Read – Uttar Pradesh News: Mama-niece hanged and killed, love affair …

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On the deaths in Prayagraj, CM Yogi has directed that the administration should take action under the Gangster Act on those who sell poisonous liquor. Not only this, whoever is found guilty in this case, their property should be confiscated by the administration and after that the property should be auctioned and compensation given to the victims. Also Read – ChhathPuja 2020: Chhath is to be celebrated in Uttar Pradesh so know these important things, the Yogi government has issued guidelines

The liquor was drunk from the contract of country liquor

According to the information, these people had purchased liquor from the government contract of country liquor and then drank alcohol. After which six people died one by one and six became ill. After this, the angry villagers created a ruckus outside the liquor contract by jamming it. On receiving the information about the incident, the commissioner, ADG, IG, DM, DIG, District Excise Officer reached the spot.

People told that in Amilia of Phulpur area, there is a contract of country liquor in the name of Sangeeta Devi. On Thursday evening, paan seller Ramji Maurya and Basant Lal of Arvasi village drank alcohol from the contract. The condition of both of them worsened in the evening. Ramji Maurya died before reaching the hospital. The family cremated him at night. On the same morning, Basant Lal also died on Friday morning.

Here the condition of Shambhunath, Raj Bahadur and Pyarelal of Amilia village started deteriorating. In the evening, Rajbahadur and Prabhunath reached their families with CHC Phulpur where doctors declared them dead. Basantlal and Pyarelal died at home on Friday evening. At the same time, Rajesh Gaur, a fourth grade employee of Allahabad University, died. Apart from this, the condition of Prabhunath of Amilia, Tarachand of Konar village and Jagdish Yadav of Khansar village remains critical. At present, the police-administration has confirmed only four deaths.


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