V Rising and its crossover between Diablo and Valheim exceeds its first major sales milestone on Steam


The vampire title for PC has more than a million players in just one week on the market.

Few know how or why, but V Rising has become the game of choice in recent days. The vampire title Stunlock Studios is a success, having surpassed half a million players in its first three days in early access and sneaking into the top of the Steam sales chart.

It has exceeded one million in just one weekNow, just a week after the launch on the Valve platform, those responsible have updated the sales figure for the title, announced through the official account of Twitter what has exceeded one million playersa barrier that is not attainable for most games on the market.

V Rising is a game related to the vampire myth that has mechanics of survival and action RPG elements and crafting. Its starting point is that we wake up as one of these beings of the night weakened after centuries of lethargy, having to fight for our existence in a world full of dangers.

At 3DJuegos we have got down to work with the latest from Stunlock to try to understand why it is being the phenomenon of the moment, with Toni Piedrabuena concluding that We are at the beginning of something much bigger. In addition, we have prepared a special video where we explain its strengths more clearly.

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