V Rising has only needed a few days in early access to celebrate its first successes


Stunlock Studios’ vampire survival game is the new phenomenon on Steam.

The premiere of V Rising on PC it’s being spectacularthe survival game with elements of action RPG y crafting He has managed to win over fans of vampires and has begun to reap figures that Stunlock Studios can be very proud of. It took just 3 days since its launch in early access to start celebrating the first successes.

they are already more than 500,000 players those who have sunk their fangs into V Rising and the numbers keep growing. The premiere of the game in early access left us with more than 80,000 simultaneous players, but not even a week has passed since then, it has already managed to exceed the 130,000 concurrent playersbased on data shared by SteamDB.

The game stays as one of the most played titles on Steam since its premiere, currently climbing on Steam above hits like Grand Theft Auto V and Elden Ring. If you have just started your adventures in the dark world of Stunlock Studios, in 3D Games Guides we will tell you 6 things that will make your life easier when you start in V Rising.

If you play on console, unfortunately we have to tell you that Stunlock Studios is only focused on “make amazing experience for pc“Although don’t lose faith, if you want to see these vampires moving around your PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series or Nintendo Switch, know that their creators would love to see V Rising on other platforms in the future, although They still can’t promise anything.

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