Valheim: 20 Tips and Tricks for Beginners


Do you want to start in the game and you don’t really know what to do? As with other survival titles, it can be very confusing to start with. What are the first steps? What should i get? Is there something important that I should consider? Here are the 20 Valheim tips and tricks for newcomers.

Valheim’s best tips and tricks to get you started

There are two ways to enjoy the beginning of Valheim: even if you arrive from scratch, without knowing any type of information and thus discover the world and its possibilities for yourself. In that case, obviously, stop reading. There is a certain pleasure and romance in choosing that path, but keep in mind that the game will be very sparing in some matters and it will be somewhat complex to understand absolutely everything. On the other hand, You can take into account these 20 tips that we have selected and that will help you get off to a good start.

  • It is possible to die from falling trees when you cut them down, so be careful. You will not be the only player who ends his life in this way.
  • You can divide the items in your inventory, in case you don’t want to use or move stacks entirely. Just press Shift and then click on the group you want.
  • Beware of swimming. It is possible to swim in Valheim and thus cross the aquatic spaces that you find, but you will spend stamina and if it reaches zero you will begin to lose life until you die. Do not go into the water if you are not sure that you will be able to reach the other shore.
  • To improve your skills, use them. There is no other way in Valheim. Do you want to improve your stamina by running? Runs. Do you want to improve your jump? Jump
  • If you want to remove the HUD from the game to take screenshots or have a better immersion, press Ctrl + F3.
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  • The flint is one of the most important objects in Valheim. You will need it, especially at the beginning, to build the best weapons and armor. To find it, he looks on the shores of lakes and large pools of water.
  • Try to craft a shield as soon as possible. It is very useful against enemies, especially when you are surrounded.
  • Learn how to counter. The parry will be one of your best friends in Valheim.
  • Running away is not cowardly. Sometimes you will find powerful enemies and it will be best to run.
  • You can sheathe your weapon in Valheim and carry it on your back by pressing the R key.
  • At first focus on getting wood and stones, very easy to locate. They will allow you to go crafting the initial tools and objects.
  • It is very important to use the map and mark the areas of interest with the available icons. Mark your home to know how to return, the ruins and places you find. Essential.
  • Build a bed and fire pit to create a spawn area. If you ever die, you can reappear right there if you’ve slept in bed. Otherwise you will reappear at the starting point where you started playing.
  • There is no repair cost in Valheim, so it is imperative that you take your tools and weapons and carry them to the hammer item on the workbench whenever you can.
  • If you explore the map you will see a lot of old buildings. Take advantage of them and their resources. Equip the hammer (hammer) and press the middle mouse button to destroy those buildings and take the resources.
  • Fishing rods exist in Valheim but they cannot be crafted. You are going to have to find a merchant to buy it. The merchants are in the Black Woods.
  • If you want to increase the maximum weight you can carry in Valheim you will need to buy the Megingjord item from a merchant for 950 gold. You will go from having 300 to 450 maximum weight.
  • In order to have a peak in Valheim you will have to defeat the first boss, Eikthyr, since you will have to use some special resources. Do not forget to go prepared for this confrontation with leather armor, a shield, an ax or a knife … In order to summon this boss, you will need two deer heads that you will place on his sacrificial altar.
  • If you play solo, here you have all the Valheim cheat codes that you can enter in his command console. Lots of cheats, functions and features that you can use whenever you want, although it is not the way the game is planned, of course.

    We hope these tips from Valheim allow you to progress through the game and get off to the best possible start.. Practice and play, because little by little you will understand everything you need to progress.

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