Valheim has a world generator that allows us to configure our favorite scenario


The success of Valheim It is undoubted at this point, and today the thing goes from how the title of Coffeee Stain Studios is receiving up to generators of worlds. A survival game that gives us many options is totally open to having a lot of options on the part of the community. Do you want a great Viking-style world? Perfect, wd40bomber7 has created the (unofficial) Valheim World Generator, as echoed in PC Gamer.

It is not something we do blindly, it uses the game itself to generate a preview of the world, even if it is with a bird’s eye view. We are going to see signs of the bosses, caverns of trolls and amount of information that will mark our exploration of the world that is generated with this tool created by the fan of the game. It takes 10-60 seconds to create a world.

If you feel like it, you can give it a taste, which you are going to love. Valheim is speaking in bigger words. The survival game has already sold more than 5 million copies on the Valve platform. Which means that, in the last week, history in the PC market, and today we have told you that Panic Button is a possible company that would adapt this great success of PC to take care of an adaptation to Nintendo Switch.

The game has already received its update to version 0.147.3. And in this article, we tell you all the news about the patch. In addition, we have recently explained how to improve Valheim’s performance with the Vulkan API in a very simple way.

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