Valheim has already sold 4 million copies on Steam


This news may produce a déjà vu in every rule. And it would not be surprising, considering that just 5 days ago we told you that Valheim It had already sold more than 3 million copies on Steam.

Well, at the moment there are already 4 million copies, which means that it has uploaded a whole million in a very short time. Of course, these figures have also been accompanied by another record of simultaneous players on the Valve platform. And of course, its creators have published a statement to celebrate it.

In the aforementioned statement, the team behind the project reminds us that for just three weeks the title has been in the Early Access period, which is sheer madness. You can read the full message below:


When Valheim first came to Steam Early Access just three weeks ago, we were hoping that all the hard work our little team put into the game over the past three years would get the attention it deserved.

Little did we know how much Valheim would resonate with four million people.

So is! Three weeks after Early Access, we’ve reached another milestone, four million brave men embarking on the most dangerous feat in over a thousand years of Viking history – trying to make Odin proud.

Some of the latest figures:

  • Last weekend, we reached the 500,000 simultaneous players, which places Valheim among the 5 most played games in the history of Steam.
  • Valheim has already been played for a combined total of 10,000 years! That’s 3,649,980 days longer than the 20 days it’s been on Steam Early Access.
  • Still ascending Among the 250 highest rated games on Steam of all time, now ranked 57th!
  • More of 81,000 reviews overwhelmingly positive

For the fourth (and surely not the last) time, thank you !!! We could not have wished for a more committed, passionate and caring community, and all of their incredible creations and ideas keep us motivated to deliver the Valheim everyone deserves. “.

Understanding the Valheim phenomenon is not easy. No, at least, without taking into account a lot of factors. In any case, it is likely that this article that we recently published will help you understand it a little more. In it, we talk about how a team of 5 people created the most popular game on Steam.

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