Valheim has already sold 5 million copies on Steam


At this rate we will all go crazy, writers and readers. And it is that, until the arrival of Valheim On Steam, we have rarely seen a phenomenon like this title from The Iron Gate studio. Today, without going any further, it has once again broken its spectacular sales record.

Thus, we can say that the popular survival game has already sold more than 5 million copies on the Valve platform. Which means that, in the last week, it has sold a million copies again. It certainly continues to make history in the PC market.

As usual in these cases, the news has come through an official statement issued on Steam by the creators of the game. Below you can read the content of the message (translated) in full:

“You have done it again! As you read this, the Valkyries have transported more than FIVE MILLION souls to Valheim to discover ancient treasures, navigate wild seas, and secure the 10th Norse world.

In the short time you’ve spent in Valheim, five million of you have achieved:

  • Spend more than 15,000 years playing a Valheim
  • Look over 35 million hours of gameplay on Twitch
  • Push us to the number 39 on the list of best reviewed games By Steam users of all time.
  • Make our strong five-person team feel excited to come to work (virtually) each and every day (that’s one person per million sales, by the way!)

We watch with pride and enthusiasm, and we struggle to find the right words to express our appreciation to you, the community. Exciting new milestones are coming and, for example, we can’t wait to show you more of the game as we progress through our 2021 Roadmap.

May Frey bless you with a bountiful harvest and may Heimdall watch over your settlement. Oh, and if you see a large mosquito, run. “.

In other Valheim news, we remind you that the game has already received its update to version 0.147.3. And in this article, we tell you all the news about the patch. In addition, we have recently explained how to improve Valheim’s performance with the Vulkan API in a very simple way.

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