Valorant begins the first act of Episode 4 with new agent and battle pass


Riot Games also introduced a new line of weapon skins that will be available very soon.

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League of Legends isn’t the only Riot Games game that’s celebrating, as Valorant welcomes Episode 4, Act I with plenty of surprises. Besides the new agent, players will also be able to enjoy a battle pass, and the weapon skin line called Protocol 781-A.

Neon reminds us of the feeling of sprinting and moving fastJohn GoscickiLet’s start with Neon, the new agent. Of Filipino origin, this girl shoots bioelectric discharges that are generated in her own body. Thanks to her great mobility, she will be able to attack unsuspecting enemies and eliminate them before they are aware of her presence. Neon will be available on Valorant next 12th of January.

“All Neon reminds us of the feeling of sprinting and move fast“shares John” Riot_MEMEMEMEME “Goscicki, Character Producer at Riot Games. runners“.

The battle pass that will arrive in Episode 4, Act I can be unlocked by paying 1.000 PV, but you can get some rewards free if you decide not to buy it, such as a Chicken Charm and the Lost Connection Graffiti. If you choose to pay, you’ll receive even more goodies, like a Vandal Scheme, an Unstoppable // Sage Gamer Card, and a series of Valentine’s Day-inspired cards.

Finally, the Protocol 781-A skin line is specially designed to provide support in battles and ensure that every order on the field of play is carried out. It includes skins like the Phantom Protocol 781-A and Specter Protocol 781-A, and just like Neon, it will be coming to Valorant next 12th of January.

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