Valorant premieres cinematic and details all the changes that come in Episode 4: Act 1


Many weapons received adjustments, along with some map changes that will produce new strategies.

By Axel García / 2 comments

A few days ago, Riot Games hyped the arrival of Neon, Valorant’s new agent, along with some details about the battle pass and the Protocol 781-A skin line. Now, the company welcomes Episode 4: Act 1, called “Disruption”, with a new kinematics, in addition to revealing all the changes that some weapons and various sections of the maps received.

Implemented a level requirement to play competitive modeAs the main theme of this new episode, we will enter a familiar world but at the same time it is completely different, because Riot Games took the concept of the Mirrors which began to develop in 2021. In other words, the dimensional portals have arrived in Valorant and with them, the agents will face a version of themselves.

Several weapons, like Ares, Spectre, and Bulldog, received numerous adjustments to make them more versatile options. Melee weapons also got some changes, so players can use them with more confidence when taking out opponents.

On the other hand, the maps have also been updated with the arrival of Disruption. Some new objects, such as boxes and benches, were added in some strategic battle zones, in order to provide more toppings and remove—or widen—some bottlenecks that hindered gameplay in certain areas.

Lastly, the accounts will now need to be level 20 or higher to be able to play within the competitive mode, unless said account has already participated in a game within this mode, in which case this new requirement will be annulled. “To encourage you to go through this learning period, we decided to add an account level requirement to play in competitive mode,” read the words on the official website, where you can read all the changes in greater detail.

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