Valve accused of keeping PC video game prices high


New complaint in the world of video games, this time registered in the federal court of California. In this case, Valve from abuse of power to keep the price tag of PC games high.

As reported in THR, this complaint warns that Valve does not maintain its hegemony on PC by offering better prices on Steam than other platforms, but abuses its power to force developers to enter what is called “the clause of the most favored countries “.

“Steam is the platform of the Corporation Valve is the dominant one for game developers to distribute and sell titles in the United States” we can read in the complaint. “But the Steam platform does not maintain its hegemony through offering better prices than its rival platforms. Instead it abuses the power in the Steam market and forces developers to participate in the clause “Most Favored Nations”, a Steam agreement, which ensures that the price of a PC game will be the same as that offered on other platforms. “

The complaint alleges that since Valve asks developers for this, it conditions innovation by creating an artificial barrier to entering other platforms and keeping prices high in other digital stores such as the Epic Games Store and the Microsoft Store.

There are many of us who have complained over the years about the price of video games, but we believe that few people have directly thought of telling Steam that or it gets more “cheap” denounces it. But they have. Could Gabe Newell have had sleep?

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