Vampire Academy Season 2: Is It Canceled Or Renewed?


This time at NBCUniversal’s Peacock, more shows have ended almost as soon as they started. Deadline reported on Friday that the new show Vampire Academy is one of the most recent ones to be canceled. After just one season, which started on Peacock in September, it ends quickly. Peacock executives were said to be happy with the show’s creativity, but the number of viewers wasn’t sufficient to make sense for making a second season.

Vampire Academy was made for Peacock by Julie Plec and Marguerite MacIntyre. It was based on a book series by Richelle Mead. The series has nothing to do with the 2014 movie of the same name, which was also based on the books. In the show, Sisi Stringer plays Rose Hathaway, a Dhampir who is learning to be a guardian, and Daniela Nieves plays a Moroi princess vampire. Both characters go to St. Vladimir’s Academy.

Will Vampire Academy have a second season?

Peacock said in January 2023 that Vampire Academy would end after just one season. Before the sad news, executive producer Julie Plec said at the 2022 New York Comic Con that a second season was definitely planned. After it was announced that the show was ending, she went on Twitter and gave fans a pretty hopeful message.

“Yes, we will definitely be knocking at doors to locate an appropriate place for it,” Julie wrote. “I just can’t understand why a popular show with so much more to say wouldn’t get a chance to do so.”

Why Vampire Academy was canceled?

The first reactions to Vampire Academy were pretty good, but they weren’t crazy. With 13 critic reviews, Season 1 got a score of 77% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is a big jump from the movie’s 17% score eight years earlier. But the show’s overall score from the audience, which is 48%, isn’t quite as good. Even though bigotry could have played a role, these scores don’t prove that Vampire Academy wasn’t a huge hit for Peacock, but they do show that it wasn’t a huge hit.

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Deadline said on January 20, 2023, when the cancellation was announced, that Vampire Academy and now another canceled show, One of Us is Lying, “didn’t find the necessary audience to justify further seasons.” From a creative point of view, though, Peacock executives seemed happy with the show.

It’s too bad that the show had no opportunity to grow and change, especially since it had already been sold to more than 100 countries. Vampire Academy could have kept its audience and grown into something bigger if it had a second season. At times like these, it’s impossible not to wonder how well a show such as this might have done ten years ago if it hadn’t been on streaming but on a regular TV network.

Vampire Academy Season 2: Who would be in the Cast?

As of right now, we don’t know all the details about the official cast list for the next season. Also, we think it’s probably safe to guess that most of the show’s main characters and regulars will be back for another season. Keeping that in mind, check out the possible season cast below:

  • Sisi Stringer as Rose Hathaway
  • Daniela Nieves as Lissa Dragomir
  • Kieron Moore as Dimitri Belikov
  • André Dae Kim as Christian Ozera
  • Anita-Joy Uwajeh as Tatiana Vogel
  • Mia McKenna-Bruce as Mia Karp
  • Jonetta Kaiser as Sonya Karp
  • Andrew Liner as Mason Ashford
  • Rhian Blundell as Meredith Beckham
  • J. August Richards as Victor Dashkov

MacIntyre Said If Spectators Love It The Show Will Come Back

“If you liked it in the book series, it will come,” MacIntyre said about a possible second season. We don’t know when it will come, though.” MacIntyre also said, “We’re still taking different things from the books. If we carry out certain things we’ve talked about, we’ll make some of the worlds in the books bigger and more interesting.

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What do the Communes look like in this world, for example? We’re going into more depth about things that were wanted to touch on in the books. Then there are a few new things we want to do.” Plec also gave hints about what a second season might be about. “Most of the second book takes place on a school ski trip, which could be one or two episodes but not a whole season. This gives us the freedom to take more liberties with the different parts of the books.

Peacock might just have canceled Vampire Academy, but that can’t stop the fans from coming together to make something good out of their disappointment. Fans of the show are working together on social media to show their love for the cast, raise money for the Trevor Project, and encourage other fans to give blood.

It’s clear that the fans are ready to battle until the very end. Even if another streamer doesn’t save the Vampire Academy, the show brought the team together and helped the cast move on in their careers. Those who will always be our Rose, Lissa, Dimitri, Christian, Mia, Sonya, Meredith, and Mason, and fans will always be grateful for what they have given us.