Veterans of Last of Us and Days Gone will debut in their new studio with a triple A action game with NFT


John Garvin and Michael Mumbauer have introduced Liithos and its first franchise: Ashfall.

Veterans of Last of Us and Days Gone will debut in their new studio with a triple A action game with NFT

If you are a fan of PlayStation video games, you probably John Garvin y Michael Mumbauer be familiar names to you. Garvin is the former creative director and writer for Bend Studioteam in charge of Days Gone, while Mumbauer spent 13 years leading Visual Arts Service Groupcollaborating on projects like Uncharted and The Last of Us.

Mumbauer has unveiled Liithos, a new video game studio where he will take on the role of CEO, while Garvin joins as creative vice president, writer and director of the company’s first game: Ashfalla title they have described as “the first authentic AAA Web 3.0 game for PC, console and Hedera network“.

Hedera would use a critpmoneda which Liithos describes as “low power” called HBAR. “Ashfall will lead players to fight for survive in a world marked by global warmingthe volcanic ring of fire, mysterious and disturbing energy fields, as well as enclaves at war, starting as a connected single-player adventure that will evolve into a PVP and PVE multiplayer integrated into a transmedia and cinematographic world”, explained Liithos in his announcement.

We will have to survive in a world marked by global warming“Our goal is to create a true new generation open world experience that engages with new technologies to enable user-generated content,” Garbin noted in a statement shared by VGC, “players can choose to play by leveraging the Hedera network, where collection, discovery, and exclusivity are the approach to a construction experience, sale and exchange“.

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In a Mumbauer interview with VentureBeat, the CEO of Liithos explained that he sees blockchain gaming “like a railway” where the main station is video games: “all the other train stations lead to the main one, which is games and trains deliver precious cargo (NFT) to players through those other stations,” Mumbauer defended: “we want to reward players for making things they love and creating a path from those areas they enjoy to what they love most, gaming.” Less than a year ago, Michael Mumbauer introduced That’s No Moon, a studio founded by veterans of Bungie, EA, Naughty Dog or Infinity Ward.

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