Video: Breathing stop, 60 year old landed on the railway track and the train arrived … See what happened then

Mumbai, Maharashtra, railway track, constable: A video of a breath-taking incident has surfaced on Thursday in Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra. In it, a 60-year-old man appears to have landed on the railway track, only then the train is seen coming while running fast. Seeing this, a constable of Mumbai Police asks him to escape soon. A 60-year-old man rushes the platform off the railway-track to avoid the train hurriedly and hurriedly… ..and then the train arrives. Seeing this scene, any breath will stop. Also Read – Shock to Kangana! The court said- the actress committed a serious violation of the scheme while mixing the three flats

This incident happened on platform no. Of Dahisar railway station in Mumbai. 4 is… Also Read – New Year Eve’s Party Guidelines Your City: Know these guidelines before partying tonight, otherwise it may be expensive

Here, the constable of the Mumbai Police, standing on the platform, is screaming for him to escape. The old man tries to climb on the platform to save his life from the train coming from the front, but he is about to get caught in an accident by getting stuck between the train and the platform when the Mumbai police constable quickly pulls him . Both fall on the platform. The young man also gets angry at this person and starts killing the old man as well. But when people see the video saving the life of the elderly, then one feels a great joy.

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