Video game sales continue to set records and are already more than double than ten years ago in the UK


The UK market lets us see that video games continue to outperform other industries such as music.

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A few weeks ago we knew that the video game market does not stop growing, with a detailed analysis that indicated that, worldwide, they have once again generated more profits in 2021 than in the entire year 2020. These are news that are beginning to stop surprising us, since growth is constant and the data that we are arriving they reaffirm it.

In recent days we have known, thanks to VGC, the annual video game sales in the UK, one of the most powerful markets and that is usually representative of how the industry works at a European level. This has generated less than last year, where a record was set as a result of the pandemic and the most time people had to enjoy leisure at home, but it again confirms an upward trend.

The benefits outweigh video and musicAccording to official data from the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA) shared last Thursday, the video game market in the United Kingdom has generated 4,290 million pounds throughout the past year, which places it ahead of other markets such as video, with 3.7 billion, or music, with 1.7 billion.

Video game sales continue to set records and are already more than double than ten years ago in the UK

These are figures that include both physical and digital sales. Regarding purchases in stores, in 2021 they have suffered a decrease of more than 20%, but in the digital market it has remained with very similar numbers. At a general level, we talk about the benefits being more than double that of ten years ago, with two consecutive years (2020 and 2021) above 4 billion pounds.

As for video games themselves, the usual protagonists are FIFA 22, which does not usually fall below the top sales, and cases such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, which is triggered in times of offers or special dates, such as Black Friday or Christmas. In fact, they both occupy the top two positions in the most recent weekly top seller that we know of.

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