Video: Sex Racket: Pyaar Mian’s plush bungalow Zamindoz, used to bring girls to luxury paint house

Madhya Pradesh: Municipal Corporation demolishes illegal construction at Indore premises of Pyare Miyan, who was arrested in July for running a sex racket: This video is about the demolition of the stately sex bungalow accused of the famous Sex Racket of Madhya Pradesh. In different cases of sexual exploitation of minor girls, he is jailed under judicial custody. In Indore, the local administration of Indore city took action against Pyare Mian, accused of sexually abusing several minor girls in the last few months before the demolition of a two-storey bungalow in Bhopal. Also Read – CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan clarified about implementing Lockdown in MP, these important things somewhere

The 68-year-old owner of a newspaper, Pyare Mian, had also built a paint house in this luxurious bungalow and every luxury facility was available here. The illegal construction of the bungalow was demolished. During this time several bottles of expensive liquor and objectionable items have also been found from the bungalow. Also Read – The person was stubborn on the road, the policemen saw the 15-year-old fellow turned out, begging for many years

When the Indore Municipal Corporation took action here, it was seen that Pyaar Mian has a dance bar and a beer bar in this luxurious house, in which several bottles of expensive foreign liquor have also been found. The Municipal Corporation, taking action on the illegal construction of this house in Lalaram Nagar, has demolished its parts. Also Read – Computer Baba’s problems increased, new case registered in bayonet sections, arrested in jail

Corporation zone officer Nagendra Singh Bhadoria told that Pyare had constructed a construction against the nearby map, which has been demolished.

According to police sources, Pyare Mian used to take many minor girls from Bhopal to his two-storey bungalow at Lala Ram Nagar in Palasia, Indore and raped her here. He also got girls to dance in the dance bar. The Bhopal police had reached here with the girls and identified them.

Explain that the sexual exploitation incident was revealed in Bhopal during July, when the police found four minor girls roaming in a drunken state with a woman in Ratibar area. After hearing the objections of the minor girls, FIRs were registered in the state capital and Indore against Pyare Mian, a Bhopal newspaper owner and five of her associates. These cases were registered under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act (POCSO Act) as well as Section 376 (rape) of the IPC and other related provisions. Pyare Mian had escaped after splitting his Banda, against which a lookout notice was issued. The MP Police arrested the police from Srinagar, the capital of Kashmir, on 15 July with the help of the local police.

Pyare Mian, absconding from Bhopal, was arrested in July from Jammu and Kashmir after sexual abuse cases surfaced. He is currently under judicial custody in the Central Jail in Jabalpur.

The 68-year-old accused of sex scandal was involved in the act of her rape with Pyare Mian, 24-year-old Sweety aka Humty of Bhopal, 60-year-old Rabia B, Gulshan, 40-year-old Anas and 22-year-old Mohammad Uvesh alias Awaaz is also a co-accused.

Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) building inspector Nagendra Singh Bhadauria said that the second floor, balcony and rear part of the building of Pyare Mian (68) in Lalaram Nagar were demolished. Construction was done at these places without the permission of IMC.

Nagendra Singh Bhadauria said, “In the bungalow of Pyare Mian illegally, the second floor was demolished, there is a bar. Police have seized several bottles of expensive liquor, card bundles, a small sword and some objectionable items from this place. It seems that this place was used as a base for alcoholism and violence. ”