Video: the brutal entry of Chucky Lozano for which he was expelled from the Italian Cup

The striker was sent off on his return to the pitch for a strong tackle against a Florentina rival (Video: ESPN)

After dealing with the COVID-19 disease, Hirving Lozano managed to recover and return to the calls with Napoli. The long-awaited day for the Mexican was presented this Thursday, January 13, at a meeting of the Italian Cup against Florentina. On this occasion, coach Luciano Spalletti used it as a trigger in the second half; however, a lack of concentration made him commit a cunning foul on a rival, a situation that led to his expulsion from the field of play. He barely played 20 minutes.

With Napoli down two goals to one, the coach decided to enter Lozano instead of midfielder Matteo Politano, 64′. the capacity of the Chucky gave him a new air to the attack of the Neapolitans and they approached with greater certainty the possibility of tying the match. When it seemed that stocks could be matched at any moment, the national team caused a serious foul on Nicolás González.

At the edge of the minute 81, Napoli built a play on the edge of the rival area. On the left wing, Chucky received an accurate serve from Lobotka. His reception was not the most technical and he advanced the ball too much. At the risk of losing possession and exposing his team to counterattack, he ran to win it back. Noting that his Argentine rival had a better chance of retaining the ball, He extended his foot and landed the sole on Nico González’s ankle.

Hirving Lozano was expelled in his reappearance with Napoli in the Italian Cup (Photo: Twitter/@sscnapoliES)
Hirving Lozano was expelled in his reappearance with Napoli in the Italian Cup (Photo: Twitter/@sscnapoliES)

Feeling the impact, the Florentina midfielder fell to the ground and began to complain of pain. The referee, who witnessed the play a few meters away, blew his ocarina and immediately told him showed the yellow cardboard. crestfallen, he Chucky he apologized to his rival and the whistler. After reviewing the play, the referee of the match corrected his decision and he kicked Lozano off the field. Given Dragowski’s expulsion in the first half, the squads once again had 10 players by flock.

The expulsion was bad news for Spalletti, because the performance that Lozano was having, although imprecise, could have been decisive for Napoli’s aspirations in the Cup. Even at the minute 79, Hiving started a play down the same flank. After cutting to the center of the area, he unleashed a powerful shot that crashed into the post guarded by the goalkeeper. In that action it was very little to tie the actions.

His absence was not the only one, because a few minutes later the midfielder Fabián Ruiz Peña received the second warning and left Napoli at a disadvantage. Despite that, the nine players on the field continued to fight and they were able to tie the score a few seconds before the end. Parity forced the extra time dispute, but in that instance they were widely surpassed by the Florentines.

The painful defeat also caused Napoli to be eliminated from the Italian Cup (Photo: Ciro De Luca/REUTERS)
The painful defeat also caused Napoli to be eliminated from the Italian Cup (Photo: Ciro De Luca/REUTERS)

In the added time of the first short period, Lorenzo Venuti scored the third goal for his team. As a waterfall, in the last stretch of the game, Krzysztof Piatek and Youssef Maleh they finalized the Florentina pass to the next round and buried the aspirations of their rivals. Although Lozano was already able to lift the Italian Cup on one occasion, he did not do so with prominence, so the 2021-22 edition would have been his favorite opportunity to shine.

While, Napoli still has the possibility of outlining a forceful closing of the Italian League. In the contest they have played 21 games, of which they have rescued 43 points, and they are in the third position, only behind Inter Milan and AC Milan. The difference of six points with respect to the leader of the competition outlines them as one of the candidates to lift the trophy, as well as qualifying for the Champions League.

On the other hand, in case of remaining in the Italian team or league for the next tournament, Chucky Lozano will not be able to play the first game of the Cup. In that sense, he will have to show off his best version in the League in order to maintain his level and achieve be immovable with the starting team of the Mexican National Team in the World Cup in Qatar 2022.


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