VIDEO: Uproar over ‘item’ in Madhya Pradesh, now Imrati said – Kamal Nath of Bengal, her mother-sister are items

Madhya Pradesh: In Madhya Pradesh by-election, the word item has created a ruckus. All linguistic dignities are being broken in the by-elections. Let us know that on Sunday, the former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Kamal Nath had called Minister Imarti Devi as an ‘item’ in the Shivraj government. While objecting to this word, where BJP was the attacker, Rahul Gandhi also reprimanded Kamal Nath. On this, Kamal Nath said that ‘the item is not a derogatory word, the name of the MLA was not remembered, so he spoke. Also Read – Rubina Dilac and Abhinav Shukla’s wedding video goes viral, blushing hand of blushing wife, sought for 7 births

Four days after this, now Imarti Devi has also used the same item word and has called Kamal Nath an item of Bengal man and his mother and sister. A video of this is also going viral, which has been shared by Congress spokesperson Acharya Pramod. In this, Imrati is talking to the media. Also Read – PM Modi praised for this girl from Kerala, video shared, congratulations, know the reason

In the video, Imrati is saying, ‘He is a man from Bengal, he came to Madhya Pradesh only to become the Chief Minister. He does not have the decency to speak, so what is that person called? If he withdrew from the post of Chief Minister, he became insane and now he is roaming all over the state as a madman, so what can we do with him. He can say anything. He is not only a man of my state, his mother and sister will be items of Bengal, so we have some idea. ‘

Imarti had also said earlier that “He (Kamal Nath) has come from Bengal and he does not have the decency to speak.” What does he know to respect a Harijan woman for Eisli? Such people have no right to live in Madhya Pradesh. He should be kicked out of here. ‘

Let me tell you that 45 hours after this controversy, after Kamal Nath had called Imrati Devi as an item, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi had said, ‘Kamal Nath may belong to my party, whatever they may be, but the language they have used. , I personally do not like him. ”Despite Rahul’s rebuke, Kamal Nath refused to apologize.

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