Vowel is the new competitor of Microsoft Teams and Slack that wants to beat them in productivity and collaborative functions


Since its private beta launch in 2020, Vowel has been garnering some attention as a good alternative to productivity apps for the workplace. Is about an app to connect with your team through video calls and its multiple collaborative tools.

Vowel is now out of private beta, and everyone who wants can already try it, being able to become a serious competitor of platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and others. On this occasion, its creators have released a video explaining its multiple functions and new features.

An app arrives to deal with Slack and Microsoft Teams


Vowel has a series of functions that touch practically all the sticks so that you don’t have to leave the app while you work. Andy Berman, CEO and founder of the application, summarizes all the functions of it through a thread on twitter. At Vowel we have collaborative functions such as filling in text together, rooms for making video calls, and transcription to text in multiple languages ​​to save everything that has been said in a meeting. In addition, you can see in real time the percentage of time that the person is speaking in the meeting, something to encourage participation and that no one sets up a monologue.


Among its corners, Vowel also offers notifications and stopwatch functions for any task that we are going to carry out and thus not waste time. What’s more, the app will show us a summary of the meetings we have had, with timeline, bookmarks and shared links. After finishing the call, the meeting will be saved in the cloud privately to access it whenever required. Along with it, we also have the possibility to make clips of the meeting and share them externally.

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Slack vs Microsoft Teams vs Facebook Workplace, who will win the team management battle?

From Vowel they assure that your video calls offer a ‘lag-free’ and ‘best in class’ experience. It only remains to be seen what the public thinks of the application and if it can gain a foothold in this highly competitive sector.

Vowel has three plans, although at the moment, the only one available is the free oneboth for us and for our team. from the company they claim there will always be a free plan, and that they expect to announce the price of the ‘Business’ and ‘Enterprise’ plans during this year. All of them will include both search by transcription, recordings and real-time transcription, notes and agendas.

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