Wake Up, Carlo! Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know


Wake Up, Carlo! Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Carlo, awaken! Update for Season 1: Do you like animated television? You no longer have to wait since Netflix is launching a whole new program, Wake Up, Carlo. Examples of such series are Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White, Moana, or Toy Story.

We’ve all deduced from the title that it is Carlo’s narrative, a 7-year-old youngster with a tremendous yearning for fun and adventure.

Think about the different feeling of slipping into a deep sleep and waking up years later to find your environment drastically altered. The newest Brazilian animated series on Netflix revolves on this series.

The fantastic producers of the well-known program Jorel’s Brother have produced a compelling production that promises to take viewers on an astonishing journey.

It is a sweet animated series that explores the importance of friendship, creativity, and the capacity for self-expression.

With Zé Brando as well as Vivian Amadio serving as executive producers, Copa Studio brings a series to life with 13 endearing episodes.

At the core of Wake Up, Carlo! lies the lovable narrative of Carlo, a vibrant 7-year-old kid who has a profound passion for adventure and pleasure.

Imagine the perplexing feeling of falling into a deep sleep, only to awaken years later to discover that the environment has undergone a significant change.

The newest Brazilian animated series on Netflix is built on this intriguing idea. The same thing occurred to Carlo, the little child.

Carlo, awaken! On July 6, 2023, Season 1 will debut. Everyone’s hearts are already being won over by the captivating plot.

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The show’s trailer was just made available three weeks ago, yet it has already received a sizable amount of YouTube views.

Carlo, acorda! A TV series in 2023 called Aka Wake Up, Carlo! is animated and comedic. The lead character in Acorda, Carlo!, also known as Wake Up, Carlo! TV Series (2023), is Gustavo Pereira.

The Brazilian cartoon series, produced by Copa Studio for the platforms, will premiere on July 6. The same group that produced “Irmao Do Jorel” produced the 13-episode series.

This is the first national animated series on Netflix. The Spanish title, which reads “Acorda, Carlo! known as “Wake Up, Carlo!” It is not an accident.

Wake Up, Carlo! Release Date

Wake Up Carlo! constitutes a Brazilian television series with a distinct significance. The title is “Acorda, Carlo!” in Spanish. “Carlo, get up!” Since Carlos consented to drive far into the adventure, it is not a mistake, which adds intrigue to the series.

The first episode of the series introduces the audience to Carlo, a little kid of seven who slept for nearly twenty years before awakening, unknowing of how his friends, with whom he had fantasies and numerous adventures, had grown into adults. Like many previous concepts from the company, it is absurd.

The movie Wake Up, Carlo! came out on July 6, 2023, and the anticipation for it is already strong after the publication of its fascinating trailer.

Acorda, Carlo, as per the animat

Wake Up, Carlo! Cast

ed series! The actors that appeared in Wake Up, Carlo! have voices. a 2023-debuting animation-comedy television series.

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In Acorda, Carlo, Gustavo Pereira portrays the title role. TV Series Wake Up, Carlo! 2023 In addition, various characters include Guilherme Briggs, Luiza Arantes, Gustavo Fortunato, and Mariana Xavier.

The Brazilian animated series will debut on July 6 on the platforms developed by Copa Studio.

Producing the 13-episode series is the same group behind “Irmao Do Jorel.” This is Netflix’s first nationally distributed animated program.

Wake Up, Carlo! Trailer

Wake Up, Carlo! Plot

The main character of the show is Carlo, whose life undergoes an astounding turn when he succumbs to a mysterious enchantment that sends him to sleep for 22 years.

When he finally wakes up, he finds that all things has changed, including his childhood friends, who have grown into mature adults.

With his persistent optimism, boundless creativity, and endearing ignorance of life’s complexities, Carlo, on the other hand, turns becomes a catalyst that allows his older pals to recapture the joyful abandonment of their youth.

One of the most renowned animation companies in Latin America, Copa Studio has a stellar 15-year track record.

Copa Studio enjoys a reputation for creating top-notch animated entertainment and has been nominated twice in a row for an International Emmy Kids award.

The company has built up a strong portfolio of over one hundred hours of fascinating storytelling, and it takes great pride in its capacity to weave captivating visual tales.

Additionally, the show celebrates the vibrant fabric of Brazilian culture, weaving it throughout the captivating episodes.

Brazilian television series Wake Up, Carlo! is brought to life by Juliano Enrico, the creative force of Jorel’s Brother. Within this enormous pleasure realm.

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When a 7-year-old kid wakes up after 22 years of sleep, his childhood companions have matured into responsible adults.

Carlo motivates his friends to want to be as free as he is from an early age because of his optimism, untamed attitude, and lack of knowledge of life’s essentials other from eating guava-laced cookies.

Carlo is the focus of the Brazilian animated program. He has a little child who enjoys hanging out with his buddies and singing and playing.

They follow him around everywhere. Carlo is also a cookie monster apart from that. He enjoys eating a variety of cookies. But who could have predicted the fact that this addiction would suddenly turn his whole life upside down?

Yes. Carlo, our little kid, could never resist indulging in the world of cookies. The 7-year-old’s enthusiasm for biscuits dipped in luscious guava jam miraculously transformed his whole life one day.

Carlo ate the cookies and fell asleep. He did not have a typical night’s sleep; the cookie most likely included some spells.

Carlo continued to sleep through time as the environment altered around him as he closed his eyes. Carlo finally awoke from his profound sleep after a lengthy 22 years.