‘WandaVision’ Episode 5: That Big Cameo and More Burning Questions


SPOILER ALERT: Don’t learn when you have not but watched Season 1, Episode 5 of Disney Plus’ “WandaVision.”

First issues first — and actually heed that spoiler warning, as a result of we’re diving proper into the deep finish — it could seem that Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and Imaginative and prescient’s (Paul Bettany) adventures by means of tv have ripped open a tear within the multiverse. What else are we to make of the sudden look of Evan Peters as Pietro Maximoff?

That’s proper, the actor who performed the different Quicksilver in “X-Males: Days of Future Previous,” “X-Males: Apocalypse” and “Darkish Phoenix” — films that aren’t imagined to be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe — has stepped into the position beforehand performed by Aaron Taylor-Johnson in “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” The energy that has! The affect that has! The cosmic implications that has!

In hindsight, the whole episode was laying the groundwork for a reveal that additional cracks open not simply this present, however the whole MCU. We’ve jumped into the Eighties, the period of “Household Ties” and “Rising Pains,” however the sitcom trappings are starting to lose their rigidity, as Wanda’s grip on Westview — and Imaginative and prescient’s dawning consciousness of his environment — begins to slide. Plus, super-aging twins, mysteriously reappearing accents, and bulletproof bellbottoms! Let’s get to the most important burning questions.

No, Actually, Is Wanda the One in Management Right here?

A lot of “On a Very Particular Episode…” was designed to bolster the concept that what is occurring in Westview is emanating solely from Wanda. Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) mentioned that whereas she was inside Westview, she might really feel Wanda’s voice in her head, which led director Hayward (Josh Stamberg) to declare that Wanda, as soon as regarded as certainly one of many victims, was in reality “is the principal victimizer.”

Later, when Imaginative and prescient zapped Norm (Asif Ali) out of his sitcom stupor, a terrified Norm appeared to echo Monica’s expertise: “She’s in my head! Make her cease. Make her cease!”

Then there was the entire Wanda-emerging-from-the-forcefield-and-causing-all-the-S.W.O.R.D.-soliders-to-turn-their-guns-on-Hayward factor, adopted by her making-the-force-field-around-Westview-glow-a-menacing-red factor. That fairly properly clinched it.

And but there was additionally a pervasive feeling that we’re nonetheless not seeing the total image right here. Hayward’s revelation that Wanda stole Imaginative and prescient’s physique from S.W.O.R.D. HQ 9 days in the past struck Monica, and me, as a suspicious sin of omission, on condition that Hayward by no means bothered to inform Monica about it earlier than sending her to New Jersey. And the footage he displayed actually doesn’t inform the entire story: What triggered Wanda to storm into S.W.O.R.D. within the first place? How did she know Imaginative and prescient’s physique was there? And why did she take all of it the best way to Westview?

(Let’s simply pause right here for a second to marvel, heh, on the revelation that every thing we’ve seen has unfolded in simply 9 days. 9 days!)

Additionally, Wanda’s powers are usually not absolute: She wasn’t capable of cease her twin infants from crying with magic, and she additionally didn’t appear to be answerable for their fast growing older from infants to 5-year-olds and then to 10-year-olds. (More on this later.) Wanda was completely thrown by the looks of Sparky, a canine with no collar — which is to say, not a transparent prior resident of Westview — who her sons mentioned simply confirmed up exterior their residence. (Sparky will get his title from a 2016 comedian e-book collection about Imaginative and prescient that Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige advised Selection is a direct inspiration for “WandaVision” — although in that run, Imaginative and prescient created Sparky out of the mind of a neighbor’s lifeless canine.)

Most crucially, Wanda insisted to Imaginative and prescient that she didn’t trigger their doorbell to ring simply when issues have been getting intense between them. She appeared genuinely shocked to see her (re-cast) brother standing her doorway; this didn’t appear to be a part of her plan.

Mainly, we appear to be coping with two Wandas: The primary, a frazzled sitcom mother with a bland Midwestern accent who’s vaguely conscious that issues are actually off and isn’t positive how or why she obtained herself into this case; the second, an enormously highly effective lady whose Sokovian accent has returned and who seems to be totally conscious of what’s actually taking place and why.

So are these two halves of the identical individual?

If Wanda’s Not Actually in Management…Is Agnes?

The episode opened with what was for my cash probably the most unsettling second of the present thus far. Wanda and Imaginative and prescient couldn’t cease the infants from crying, and simply when Wanda mentioned, “Perhaps we simply want some assist,” Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) swooped in with what she mentioned are “some methods up my sleeve.” However when Imaginative and prescient indulged in some sitcom dad nervousness about her choosing up the infants, Agnes was thrown.

“Uh, would you like me to take that once more?” she mentioned to Wanda, and the snicker monitor abruptly pale into silence — as did the crying infants.

“I’m sorry?” Wanda replied, nonetheless in character.

“You need me to carry the infants,” Agnes replied. “Ought to we simply take it from the highest?”

Imaginative and prescient was unsettled by Agnes breaking the fourth wall of their sitcom lives, however Wanda stayed in character, laughing off Agnes’ conduct. What I’m extra intrigued by, nevertheless, is that Agnes appeared much more conscious of what was taking place in Westview than some other resident, and much more recreation to play alongside. As Imaginative and prescient famous repeatedly, Agnes all the time appeared to point out up at precisely the fitting second with precisely what Wanda and Imaginative and prescient want. And she or he was additionally curiously all the time there every time the twins age up: Sprinkling “lavender” on them proper earlier than they jumped to age 5, and there after they jumped as much as 10 — sufficiently old to care for Sparky. Agnes even had a one-liner response: “Let’s simply hope this canine stays the identical dimension.”

Common readers of those recaps and shoppers of “WandaVision” easter egg movies are already intimately acquainted with the idea that Agnes is admittedly Agatha Harkness, an historical sorceress who lived by means of the Salem witch trials. Within the comics, Agatha has an antagonistic relationship with Wanda, and on the floor, that doesn’t appear to be Agnes’ M.O. — she gave the impression to be genuinely tearful in regards to the loss of life of Sparky (extra on him later). However Agnes’ presence is all the time reinforcing Wanda and Imaginative and prescient’s sitcom actuality, preserving them certain there when everyone knows that’s not in the end wholesome. If Agnes is conscious of what’s taking place, why is she serving to? What does she get out of it?

And if Wanda didn’t deliver Pietro did her doorstep…did Agnes?

Is Pietro Actually Peter?

After Wanda’s encounter with S.W.O.R.D., we in the reduction of to Wanda and her twins looking for Sparky, who has gone lacking. They stumbled on Agnes, who was rustling in her bushes, and emerged with Sparky wrapped in a blanket and a narrative about him consuming too many azalea leaves.

The implication was that no matter weapon Hayward fired at Wanda ended up killing poor Sparky, although Agnes’ involvement right here raised much more eyebrows. More importantly, although, was what Wanda says to her sons after discovering Sparky’s physique.

“The urge to run from this sense is highly effective, I do know,” she mentioned, which is a curious factor to say for an individual who seems to have constructed a complete alternate actuality to flee the grief of the loss of life of her beloved Imaginative and prescient. Her sons persevered, nevertheless, and mentioned that she will be able to repair the lifeless — which startled Wanda. They’re not imagined to know that (and it could seem neither did Agnes, based mostly on her unsettled response: “You are able to do that?”)

However Wanda was agency: Useless is lifeless (except, maybe it’s a synthezoid long-established with the ability of an infinity stone).

“We are able to’t rush growing older simply because it’s handy,” she advised her sons (one other indication that Wanda isn’t thrilled about, or liable for, her sons’ fast development). “And we are able to’t reverse loss of life, irrespective of how unhappy it makes us.”

Wanda genuinely appeared to not imagine she will be able to resurrect the lifeless, which is to say, she can not deliver her brother Pietro again to life.

Which brings us to the massive struggle Wanda and Imaginative and prescient had on the finish of the episode, with Imaginative and prescient pushing Wanda to inform him the reality: That he is lifeless, and that she — or perhaps another person — by some means reanimated his physique. Simply then, proper when Wanda wanted it most, the doorbell rang. Wanda insisted she didn’t make that occur. But when she didn’t, and Agnes’ perform is to offer Wanda what she wants to have the ability to keep inside Westview, then who else might have introduced Peters-as-Pietro to their doorstep?

One might argue that Peters is simply enjoying one other Westview resident we hadn’t seen earlier than, and Wanda gussied up his appears to make him seem to be Pietro. However Marvel Studios might’ve forged anybody in that position. As a substitute, they forged the opposite man who performed Quicksilver within the “X-Males” films that, till 2019, have been a separate inventive and company entity from Disney’s mental property.

However now Marvel Studios has entry to the X-Males characters after Disney bought twentieth Century Fox (now twentieth Century Studios). So why forged Peters for those who’re not that means to evoke the comparability?

So right here’s what I feel is occurring: After the time-traveling shenanigans in “Avengers: Endgame” loosened the obstacles between alternate universes, no matter is happening in Westview — both Wanda’s all-consuming grief or one thing extra nefarious — has torn a rift between them outright. And now, as a result of Taylor-Johnson’s Pietro Maximoff is lifeless and gone and unable to return, the one different is to pluck Peters’ Peter Maximoff from his actuality and plop him into Wanda’s.

Whoever this new Pietro is, his presence in Westview is just going to make issues much more difficult.

Is One other Avenger Coming to Westview?

No matter S.W.O.R.D. is doing to cease Wanda’s actions in Westview, she made it fairly darn clear that they’re no match for her talents. So if mortals can’t cease her, maybe an Avenger can?

As Darcy (Kat Dennings) identified, Wanda obtained her energy from an Infinity Stone, and apart from Imaginative and prescient, the one different (dwelling) Marvel hero who can say the identical is Carol Danvers, who turned the superpowered Captain Marvel after an engine powered by Tesseract exploded in entrance of her. If anybody is highly effective sufficient to counteract Wanda’s talents, it’s her. Plus, Carol’s historical past with Monica would make Carol’s look on “WandaVision” particularly significant — although its clear Monica has some tough emotions about her mother’s bff reappearing after virtually 20 years after she’d final seen her.

You don’t drop Captain Marvel’s title calmly, although — Darcy talked about her for a motive. So will Monica lastly reunite along with her Auntie Carol? We’ll must tune in subsequent week to seek out out!

“WandaVision” streams new episodes Fridays on Disney Plus.


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