‘WandaVision’ Episode 8 Recap: Visions of Previous, Present and Future


SPOILER ALERT: Don’t learn you probably have not but watched Season 1, Episode 8 of Disney Plus’ “WandaVision.”

Whoa, child (witch)! Within the penultimate episode of the actually wild, labyrinthine trip by means of tv’s previous that “WandaVision” has turned out to be, we discovered that Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) wasn’t simply “a child witch obsessive about sitcoms and years of remedy behind her” by means of the ever-scathingly sincere magical-girl-next-door Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn), she’s additionally “a being succesful of spontaneous creation.”

Lastly, practically six years after the Maximoff twins’ introduction in “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” Wanda’s superhero title was uttered for the primary time within the MCU: The Scarlet Witch.

However, why precisely was the sorceress utilizing the occult to… play the right suburban sitcom housewife and “make breakfast for dinner?” In Episode 8 of the Disney Plus collection, aptly titled “Beforehand On,” we get a glimpse of the who and the what and the whys behind the radiated bubble that ensnared 1000’s of New Jersey residents in Wanda’s harmful experimental remedy methodology of selection: warping actuality past recognition to remain in denial.

The episode explains a ton, together with why Wanda’s accent has been so inconsistent, why she wound up in WestView of all cities, some of Agatha’s backstory, a chronological timeline of Wanda’s grief and trauma constructing and caving in on itself and on her. However, there are nonetheless a bunch of burning questions left that, hopefully, might be answered within the season finale.

Who’s Señor Scratchy?

Hardcore Marvel Comics followers know that Agatha can sometimes be noticed when she’s as much as her wizardry shenanigans with a black cat named Ebony. Whereas which will seem to be the feline is just fulfilling the witch’s acquainted stereotype, Ebony is a lot greater than that: she will rework right into a ferocious panther, if mandatory. Within the comics, Ebony is later compelled to eat a petal of a plant with supernatural powers, the Wundagore Everbloom, to be able to see the longer term by means of its petals — and then Agatha eats her personal cat to get a style of these powers for herself. Devouring your pets could be just a little too creepy for the TV-14 crowd, however nonetheless, it might occur (or possibly already occurred — bear in mind Sparky and that bogus excuse for his demise?

Ebony might be Señor Scratchy — reworked into every and each animal to date seen within the collection (storks, cicadas, lobsters, fluffy holland lops), or the critter might be a handy shroud for a personality with extra sinister motives. Within the comics, Agatha has a robust warlock son with a whacky mustache named Nicholas Scratch. Nicholas has extradimensional powers in addition to talents on par along with his mom’s, and has been allied not solely with Mephisto, who many have theorized has one thing to do with the antics behind “WandaVision” and is in cahoots with the necromancing nosy neighbor, but in addition with Dormammu. Keep in mind that apocalyptic man/cosmic entity?! Final we noticed of him/it, Physician Unusual was annoying Dormammu into submission within the Sorcerer Supreme’s standalone movie.

However, who is aware of! That is the MCU. Señor Scratchy might simply be one other hapless sufferer of Wanda’s sitcom jail and had the bonus misfortune of falling into the clutches of Agatha. Shrug.

Who and the place is “Fietro”? (And what has he achieved with Monica Rambeau/Photon?)

Ever since Peter Maximoff from twenty first Century Fox’s “X-Males” franchise stepped into the scene because the fast-talking “broham-in-law” and fast-footed twin of Wanda, there have been many speculations made on who (or what) Peter/Pietro (Evan Peters) truly was. Agatha gave it away — sort of. He was a faux, a Fietro if you’ll. However then, of whom precisely was he a change? It appeared that Agatha couldn’t resurrect anybody (a limitation she indicated when she advised Wanda that her precise brother is full of holes, which, yikes). So, who was within the physique of Fietro?

The simplest reply would, maybe, be a Skrull since they’re the extraterrestrial shapeshifters with which MCU watchers are most acquainted: they have been first formally debuted in “Captain Marvel” and would be the inexperienced beings on which the upcoming Disney Plus present “Secret Invasion” will focus. The much less straightforward solutions can be another villain — The Grimm Reaper? Mephisto? Nightmare? Chthon?! — or a extra complicated Marvel Comics determine with canonical ties to Imaginative and prescient and Wanda, like Marvel Man.

Nevertheless, at this level, we’re extra involved about the place Fietro took Monica (Teyonah Parris). Hopefully the Maximoff imposter will get its butt whooped by a superpowered Photon.

Are Oleg and Irina Maximoff the couple we’ve been seeing within the meta-commercials?

Despite the fact that Oleg and Iryna have been performed by completely different actors (Daniyar and Ilana Kohanchi, respectively) on this episode than these within the season-long spots that publicize Easter egg merchandise, it could make sense that Wanda’s equally-as-sitcom-obsessed Sokovian guardians have been transmuted into her new world as one other coping mechanism for her complicated PTSD and all-encompassing grief.

Was that “unhealthy dream” line only a throwaway?

A baby-aged Wanda (Michaela Russell) was snapped out of her favourite “Dick Van Dyke” episode, “It Might Look Like a Walnut” (and her innocence), when an air raid strike utilizing Stark-brand bombs blew her dad and mom into oblivion.

Hiding beneath particles together with her brother for greater than two days, as she advised Agatha, Wanda noticed “Dick Van Dyke” nonetheless taking part in on the TV set. She exclaimed that one of the explanations she loves the sitcom style a lot is as a result of, “On the finish of the episode, you understand it was all a nasty dream. None of it was actual.”

Was this only a throwaway line to supply extra context for Wanda’s uncommon selection in therapeutic strategies, or was it a line that serves as yet one more trace that Nightmare, the omnipresent supervillain ruler of the “Dream Dimension” in Marvel Comics, is one of the evildoers linked up with Agatha? Nightmare is one of Physician Unusual’s and Ghost Rider’s main archnemesis, so he’s sure to indicate up in some unspecified time in the future within the MCU — the query is when, and whether or not that might be earlier than the tip of “WandaVision.”

Does Wanda see a imaginative and prescient of herself from the longer term (or is it Natalya Maximoff from the previous)?

Throughout one of the eighth episode’s flashback scenes, younger Wanda was in mad HYDRA scientist Baron Wolfgang von Strücker’s lab, being seemingly enchanted by Loki’s Chitauri Scepter, the unique containment vessel of the Thoughts Stone (which was disguised because the Area Stone, fka The Tesseract). Strücker acknowledged that no single experiment participant ever survived the encounter with the scepter, however he appeared assured in Wanda’s capability to deal with being primarily possessed by an Infinity Stone. For essentially the most half, he was proper: Wanda’s presence unearthed the Thoughts Stone inside, and it was at this second that it appeared Wanda’s burgeoning witch powers have been amplified by the yellow gem.

The total particulars of her origin story, which is kind of convoluted within the comics, have but to be unraveled for the “WandaVision” viewers, however Wanda did see the silhouette of the Scarlet Witch as she absorbed the Thoughts Stone. She might have seen herself sooner or later, or one of her doable organic mom figures within the comics aka Natalya Maximoff, the earlier iteration of the Scarlet Witch. Whoever that glowing apparition was may level to a neater origin story for the Class 5 Omega Mutant down the road. (For the “X-Males” uninitiated, which means a powerful-as-heck mutant.)

Who burnt down the home?

There was not a lot as even a touch as to who would have wished to mess with the titular odd couple’s candy love story that, at the very least up so far within the MCU’s narratives, had not been absolutely realized given the grotesque, premature shut-down of Imaginative and prescient (Paul Bettany) within the literal fingers of Thanos. However, actually, as Avengers they’d their fair proportion of enemies — recognized and proven onscreen.

What does the introduction of Chaos Magic imply for the Scarlet Witch’s origin story and for the MCU?

Provided that the eighth episode concluded on a cliffhanger whereby Agatha started speaking about Chaos Magic and its hyperlink to the Scarlet Witch, the finale episode will doubtless decide up the thread of this wild reality-warping manipulation skill that Arch-Demon Chthon, a depraved Marvel Comics Elder God succesful of inflicting insurmountable destruction, bestowed on Wanda as a new child. Chthon, within the comics, intervenes and heightens the facility locked inside, which permits her to change the material of time and existence past recognition and comprehension. After Episode 8, it appears to be like like Chthon could be the Even Greater Dangerous joined on the hip with Agatha. Whoever that malefactor finally ends up being, although, the cameo reveal could also be on-par with the Luke Skywalker plot-twist within the finale of “The Mandalorian” given cryptic feedback that each Bettany and Olsen have made throughout interviews about “WandaVision.”

What or who’s White Imaginative and prescient?

In one other flashback vignette throughout the episode, Wanda confronted S.W.O.R.D. Appearing Director Tyler Hayward (Josh Stamberg). Hayward, who has confirmed in episodes previous to be an antagonist and extremely suspicious of anybody superpowered or alien, challenged Wanda’s need to hold out Imaginative and prescient’s needs within the occasion of his demise, snarkily remarking her, “Not everybody has the sort of energy that would deliver their soulmate again on-line.” Wanda responded that she didn’t have the facility to try this, however guess who apparently did?

That’s proper — it was Hayward and his S.W.O.R.D. goons! In the long run-credits scene, an eerie Imaginative and prescient with bleach-white eyes — a colorless and impassive husk of what the Avenger as soon as was — was rebooted, so to talk. How Imaginative and prescient and his $3 billion-worth-of-vibranium physique might be employed by Hayward is unknown, however it doesn’t appear that it’ll result in any good.

It could be optimistic however, given all of the burning questions but to be answered this late within the collection, the concluding episode appears certain to be one that may change the course of the MCU and its previous, current and future characters and phases, endlessly.

“WandaVision” streams its season finale, Episode 9, Friday on Disney Plus.(*8*)


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