War Machine will be in Falcon and the Winter Soldier


Don Cheadle has revealed that War Machine will appear in Falcon and the Winter Soldier, according to a BroBible post.

The medium has interviewed Cheadle about his Disney Plus series: Armor Wars, and how he will address the death of Tony Stark that took place in Avengers: Endgame, but has also cited his appearance in the next television show that will arrive on the Disney platform. Plus and belongs to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And it is that he has commented that the characters will appear in different television and film stories.

“It’s very fun and interesting. With imagination, this can go anywhere” said Cheadle. “It’s great. I’m looking forward to being in the same room as the writers and knowing how it will all happen (connecting Armor Wars to the MCU). You know, Rhodey appears in Falcon and the Winter Soldier. It can be a big thing.”

We do not know if he has revealed a secret revealed by Cheadle in the Tom Holland style (that “oops” style, by accident) or if he was allowed to tell. Regardless, it’s very motivating to know that James Rhodes (War Machine) will be in Falcon and the Winter Soldier in some way.

Cheadle has also explained on BroBible that his character’s television show, Armor Wars, will cite the death of Tony Stark.

“The death of Tony Stark, I’m sure, will play a defining role in the series,” said Cheadle. “We have advanced Rhodey (in the last movie he appears again and can move) and as the technology develops, we continue to make innovations in the suit. I imagine there will be another evolution and another way to delve into the character of Rhodey.”

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Cheadle has talked about the way in which the comics connect with the history of the MCU, and assures that it is something that is exciting. We still don’t know when the series will arrive on Disney Plus, but the one that does have a date is Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which opens on March 19.

Oh and remember that tomorrow is the new episode of Scarlet Witch and Vision.