Was digging the soil for the soil, found boxes filled with gold-silver-jewelery, but what happened then….

Bihar News: Excavation was going on to remove the soil in the dilapidated house at Sahebganj in Muzaffarpur, Bihar that some sound was heard in the JCB. When seen, six brass boxes buried inside the ground were found containing gold, silver, coins and jewelery. Were filled. People were shocked to see this. Also Read – Bihar suffering from Corona hit: Nitish government will be very expensive this time assembly elections

Now the owner of the house has lodged an FIR in the police station that one of these boxes was broken due to the JCB in which the gold and silver coins were filled. The coins were shattered on the ground due to the breaking of the box. Many people were gathered there and pushed the relative of Malek to the house and looted the coins and escaped. According to the complainant, four people from the village were involved in it. Also Read – Bihar Flood: After Corona, floods wreaked havoc, 27 deaths so far, 81.79 lakh affected in 16 districts

The owner of the house, Chandrashekhar Azad, has applied to the police station to register an FIR and said that people have looted gold and silver coins from our boxes. The police will investigate it now. Also Read – Bihar Assembly Election 2020 … So will Aishwarya contest against Tej Pratap! Chandrika Rai said this

Lawyer Chandrashekhar Azad said that his house was buried in the soil in the earthquake in 1934, in which brass boxes filled with gold, silver and coins were also buried. After that, their ancestors had started building houses elsewhere, the land was lying in such a way, in which the mound was formed. On August 18, a village man cut the mound for clay and during the soil harvesting six boxes of brass were filled which were filled with gold, silver and coins.

The lawyer says that those four who had cut the soil looted the gold and silver coins together. The lawyer says that the coins stolen will be worth more than five crore at present. It has been told that the coins that have been found are of mythological and rare type. Here, the police station officer Sunil Kumar Srivastava said that the matter will be investigated on Friday, then further action will be taken.

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