Watch: BTOB And Stray Kids Tease Each Other While Scoping Out The Competition In “Kingdom” Preview


The competition between BTOB and Stray Kids is heating up on Mnet’s “Kingdom: Legendary War”!

The upcoming episode of the competition program will feature the contestants going head-to-head with covers of each other’s songs. BTOB and Stray Kids have been paired together for the second official round.

In the new teaser, the two teams discuss what songs to perform. In order to scope out the other team, BTOB’s Changsub asks, “Peniel, you’re friends with that friend, right?” Peniel looks confused until Minhyuk clarifies that Changsub is talking about Stray Kids’ Bang Chan. Changsub makes a phone call to Stray Kids, who is also wondering what song BTOB will cover.

Bang Chan picks up the phone, and Stray Kids cheers when Changsub introduces himself. Peniel comments, “What’s this? The response is so different from when I call.” Changsub straightforwardly asks what song Stray Kids will perform, and Seungmin quickly responds, “‘Beep Beep.’” Skeptical, Eunkwang comments, “It doesn’t seem like it.”

Eunkwang asks Stray Kids what song they think BTOB will perform, and Changbin responds with “I am YOU” and “Hellevator.” Peniel sings an interesting rendition of the song “Hellevator,” making Stray Kids laugh. Stray Kids reveals that the songs they might potentially cover are “Movie,” “I’ll Be Your Man,” and “WOW.” When the group asks BTOB the same question in turn, Changsub simply hangs up the call. Stray Kids’ Han stands up and states, “This is war.”

Bang Chan calls again, and Peniel explains, “I’m sorry. We got on an elevator. We got on a ‘Hellevator.’” Afterwards, Changbin suggests that he would be interested in seeing BTOB perform “Back Door,” and Changsub reveals that their potential song list includes “Back Door,” “TOP,” and “My Pace.” Changbin and Bang Chan comment that it would be interesting to see “Back Door” with a jazz or formal party vibe.

Before the teaser ends, Han asks the final question, “Who is your Stray Kids bias?”

Watch the full teaser below!

The next episode of “Kingdom” airs on April 21 at 7:50 p.m. KST and will be available with English subtitles on Viki.

Watch the latest episode of “Kingdom” below:

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