Watch Dogs: Legion online mode already has a release date


If you enjoyed with Watch Dogs: Legion at the end of last year 2020 and you were looking forward to the online mode, today you have reason to be happy. Ubisoft has announced that this long-awaited modality will hit the market on March 9, 2021.

And also, best of all, it will be done as a free update for all players. Likewise, the French company has detailed everything that this new functionality will bring, as the news is quite extensive and interesting. Keep reading and we will tell you all.

As Ubisoft has detailed through a press release, the four pillars of this new online mode will be four:

  • Open world with cooperative mode and total freedom to roam it, in which the players
  • They will form teams of up to 4 with their friends to explore London, search for events across the city, complete challenges and participate in side activities.
  • New cooperative missions for two to four player games using cooperative gameplay mechanics, in which players will be given the opportunity to recruit the perfect team, and to fight against the threats of London in the most iconic and well-known places in the city.
  • “Group leader”, the first cooperative mode of tactical operations for four players, which will demand high efficiency and a lot of teamwork from all its components. It is made up of four interconnected narrative missions that are part of the endgame content. And it is content created for those looking for a new challenge. Players will need a greater dose of strategy and improved communication with their teammates, as well as ensuring they have the most up-to-date devices, and recruiting a powerful group of characters.
  • The first PvP mode is Spiderbot Arena, in which four players control armed spider robots and compete in a really intense free-for-all game.
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On the other hand, Ubisoft has also confirmed that by completing any online activity, players will earn XP points with which they will improve their
rank and unlock various rewards for the game.

In addition, all players who have the Season Pass will also have access, on March 9, to two unique missions for one player: ‘Guardian Protocol’ and ‘Not in our name’. Lastly, Ubisoft has confirmed that all players will have access to future free updates like PvP Invasion mode, all new co-op missions, and free characters.