Watch: Kim So Hyun And Na In Woo Are Romantic On Camera And Playful Off Camera On Set Of “River Where The Moon Rises”


“River Where the Moon Rises” launched a brand new behind-the-scenes have a look at the drama!

A reinterpretation of a basic Goguryeo folks story, “River Where the Moon Rises” retells the well-known love story of Princess Pyeonggang (Kim So Hyun) and On Dal (Na In Woo).

The new making-of video begins with Kim So Hyun and Na In Woo filming the candy farewell scene. Kim So Hyun spots the digital camera and subtly poses with the peace signal. She chuckles to herself however rapidly fixes her expression and focuses on the crew speaking in entrance of her.

Then the 2 actors rehearse the scene with the director’s enter. He encourages Na In Woo to kiss Kim So Hyun, and she smiles shyly as she jokingly warns, “Director!” The director humorously quips, “What?!” Everybody bursts into laughter, and the caption states he totally helps the on-screen couple.

On display screen, Kim So Hyun and Na In Woo painting a lovey-dovey couple, however as soon as the cameras cease rolling, they dive into playful mode. Na In Woo pretends to slice her neck together with his hand, and he or she returns the gesture by pretending to smack his throat. When filming begins, they professionally immerse into their roles, and the clip shares a glimpse of their tender kiss scene.

Subsequent, the 2 actors rehearse an vital scene with the director’s steering. The director asks them if it’ll be doable for them to kiss, they usually lean in the direction of one another to test. Proper earlier than filming, the director feedback this kiss isn’t simply going to be a peck on the lips. Na In Woo geese his head in embarrassment, and Kim So Hyun smiles shyly earlier than replying, “All proper.” The director sees Na In Woo’s response and jokes, “Why are you getting extra embarrassed [than her]?” Kim So Hyun laughs and flippantly smacks her co-star earlier than saying one thing to him.

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