Watch: “River Where The Moon Rises” Cast Share Closing Comments In Final Behind-The-Scenes Video From The Drama


KBS’s “River Where the Moon Rises” aired its final episode on April 20.

On April 21, the drama’s production company, Victory Contents, shared a final behind-the-scenes video from set with the cast’s closing comments.

Kim So Hyun shared, “Somehow, ‘River Where the Moon Rises’ has come to an end. It still doesn’t feel real. In these past six months, I’ve spent a lot of happy moments living as Pyeonggang, and I’ve gained a lot both as an actor and as a person, so I’m thankful I got this opportunity. I think that our drama got a lot of love because our cast and crew were able to work hard until the end, so I’m grateful to all of them.”

Na In Woo said, “Hello, this is Na In Woo, who played On Dal in ‘River Where the Moon Rises.’ Thanks to all those who supported and loved our drama, I was able to work hard as well, and I hope that viewers were able to see that. The atmosphere on set was like a family, so it was fun and enjoyable to film. A lot of people sent us their support and we took strength from that to work hard on filming. There’s a lot I want to say, but if I said it all, you’d have to hold the camera for a long time. Thank you so much for watching ‘River Where the Moon Rises.’”

Lee Ji Hoon said, “Somehow we’re at the filming for the last episode, and I’ve finished filming my last scenes. There are a lot of the regrets and relief that come from the end of a project. We started filming when it was cold and now the weather has turned, with lots of cherry blossoms blooming. Thank you so much to the viewers who sent us their never-ending support and love over this long period of time. All our staff, directors, and actors worked really hard. I want to tell them that they worked hard. Thank you to all those viewers who watched our drama from episode 1 to episode 20 and sent us their love and interest.”

Choi Yu Hwa said, “Today is our last day of filming. I still have a lot of lingering feelings, so I was really nervous for this last day, as if it was the first day again. However, I will work hard to end well. Thank you to all those who loved my character and the drama ‘River Where the Moon Rises.’”

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