Watch The 16 Best Anime About Echi Right Now On Netflix


Watch The 16 Best Anime About Echi Right Now On Netflix:

Japan’s echi anime are sexually suggestive and funny pictures. This style is named after the way the Japanese say the letter “H,” which is the initial letter of the word “hentai,” which means “pervert.” The name of the style gives you a good idea of what it’s about.

As of late, Netflix has been having a great time, and now they have even more cartoons to choose from. The streaming service not only has old anime shows with not much Ecchi, but it also makes new shows with frank depictions of sex and being naked.

It’s not a wonder, then, that many cartoons aren’t just Ecchi, but have parts of them in the form of a secondary genre to attract a certain type of audience.

Great Pretender:

For a very long time, Makoto “Edamame” Edamura has been a trick artist who works in fraud and crime. To him, it’s just another day when he scams a tourist. But later, he finds out that he was the one who was scammed and that the man he met is Laurent Thierry, Japan’s Greatest Swindler.

Makoto challenges Laurent because he wants to show that he is better than her. It’s interesting that Thierry doesn’t think twice about trying himself against someone such as Edamura.

This is the start of their exciting feud, which soon brings Makoto into the world of high-stakes international scams.

Many people think that Great Pretender is an ordinary Ecchi show, yet it does use Ecchi themes to tell a fun story. There are a lot of sexual hints and semi-naked scenes in different parts of the show’s many shows.

High School DxD:

This is by far the best Ecchi cartoon show ever! There are some people who think this is the best fanservice show ever! There are lots of sexy scenes and fanservice in High School DxD that make viewers want to drown in pleasure.

It occurs at a high school with students who are a mix of people, angels, and devils. The cartoon is about Issei Hyoudou, and it starts with the worst day of his life. He dies on his first date with a girl who turns out to be a lost angel. He then comes back to life to serve a devil.

Right now, Issei has to join the Occult Research Club! Will Issei be able to serve a hot demon and talk to angels and still live the life he wants? As a demon’s helper, Issei’s only dream was to spy on many girls and build his own harem. Yet would he ever be possible to make his dream come true?

The Seven Deadly Sins:

“The Seven Deadly Sins” is a great cartoon that does a great job of balancing action and comedy. The story is pretty interesting, but the people and fight scenes are what really make the movie great. 2014 was one of the greatest years for ECCHI cartoons to come out. The fight scenes in the cartoon are pretty standard.

It’s interesting that almost every fight in the show lasts for more than one episode. But it’s a surprise to see that these fights always serve a purpose and aren’t just thrown in to fill in story holes. There is a group of former knights from the Lions Kingdom called the Seven Deadly Sins.

They have spread out across the country because they are now wanted for crime. But Elizabeth, the third princess, wants to be in charge of protecting the land from the Holy Knights, who are a threat.

Some people say that anime uses too much fan service, but a lot of fans still enjoy it for everything it has to offer. Some people have even said that clear sexual harassment is shown in some parts of it.

Many fans have been let down by the general plot, even if it is important for all of this. But if that’s exactly what you want from a cartoon, you shouldn’t stop watching it.

Japan Sinks:

A huge earthquake shakes the whole island, stopping the Mutou family’s normal life and the lives of millions of other people in Japan. While the country slowly sinks into the water, people are fighting to stay alive, and since there are no police around, things quickly turn deadly.

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Millions of impoverished individuals are being hit by natural as well as human tragedies. Only those who are willing to do anything to stay alive make it to the next day.

The movie’s interesting story of survival is mostly about the emotional struggles of good Japanese people, but it does touch on sexy topics and shows people naked, which Ecchi fans might find interesting.

Yosuga No Sora:

This is the worst things that could happen! When I say “uncomfortable,” I also mean “awkward,” “twitchy,” and “incestuous.” Yosuga no Sora was just that, after all.

A lot of the time, it feels more like hentai than ecchi, and one of the main themes is forbidden love. Even so, it’s a one-of-a-kind fanservice anime that mixes different types of shows and has some serious, dramatic moments.

There are two brothers named Haruka and Sora. They have moved back to the place where they grew up. For the day of their arrival, neither of them has any strange experiences, but that’s all an act.

There are new experiences as recollections and emotions from the past come back to the top. Everything is based on feelings, and eventually these feelings will turn into high emotional assertions that will assist them make new memories and make their greatest wishes come true.

Neon Genesis Evangelion:

October 4, 1995, is the day that the best Ecchi cartoon comes out. Neon Genesis Evangelion is an original cartoon that came out in the late 1990s and was recently brought back by Netflix.

The show became popular overnight and is now better known as well as praised than ever. Even though people are still arguing about whether it lives up to all the hype, there’s no denying that it has some of the best action scenes ever.

Even the opening and finishing themes are some of the most-used songs in anime history. But on top of everything else, Neon Genesis Evangelion has a lot of fanservice for being so old.

Because the show’s director doesn’t like otaku tropes, the Ecchi within this one often comes across as scary. He put these over-the-top fan service scenes in to make fun of and poke fun at the anime fans who love Ecchi. One of the finest Netflix shows ever.


Some of the strangest ways are used by the Hyakkaou Private Academy to get its students ready for life in the real world. That’s a big reason why it’s so famous, and the kids from the greatest royal families can only join.

During the day, the academy is pretty much the same as any other school within the country. But at night, the dark hallways become seedy places where the kids find out the subtle art of gaming.

Most kids only try to do well in these games to improve their general grades. But Yumeko Jabami, the new, pretty transfer student, likes the rush of energy she gets from them.

There’s also a good chance that her crazy love of gaming will eventually reveal the shady people who run these games. In most anime, as I already said, fanservice is just a big selling point. But “Kakegurui” is a little different.

There is fan service used to show how obsessed the main character is with gaming. The main character is so crazy about gaming that it makes her want to be with someone. Most shows have forced fan service scenes, but the Ecchi parts in this one fit right in with the mood.


Is Kanokon kind of like hentai? Yes! On top of that, it’s crazy, sexual, and inappropriate. If you want to watch something that seems such as it came straight from your mind, you should watch Kanokon.

In terms of plot, Kanokon is just fan service, but that’s fine because that’s what Ecchi fans want to see. Imagine that a lot of girls are after you every day as well as there’s no way to get away from them.

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Really, would you want to live that way? Well, Kouta, a high school boy, is about to start a life like this. There are a lot of girls who like him, but the animal-spirit girls Chizuru and Nozomu stand out. Even though they bother Kouta, he has to deal with them while he is a high school student.

Kouta puts up with their pushy behavior, sexual hints, and offensive approaches, but he feels very embarrassed by their shows of love and the way they try to get his attention. There are a lot of sexy and exciting situations that can happen in this anime because of the love triangle.


Like a lot of other shows in this type, the famous ecchi cartoon Sekirei has a magical plot. The action as well as sex scenes on the show are both funny and over the top. All Ecchi anime fans are drawn to this show because of its beautiful and sexy female characters.

They have complete numbers and a lot of money. I thought “Sekirei” was a little sexist, even though that’s how these kinds of cartoons usually are. One thing is making women wear tight, revealing clothes, which is common in Ecchi anime. It’s quite another to treat them like things.

This was one of the most annoying things about the show. If you can get over this fact, it turns into a cute little cartoon that you can watch all at once or just to take a break from your daily life.

Even though he isn’t stupid, Minato Sahashi has trouble with his schoolwork. No matter how hard he tried, he failed the tests to get into college again.

He gives up hope and thinks Minato is a loser, just like everyone else. But everything changes quickly for him when a beautiful alien who looks like a person comes into his life within the new world.

Her name is Musubi. She is a Sekirei, a rare animal that can kiss people and show their secret powers if they have a certain gene.

But now that Musubi has shown Minato her secret skills, she and he are fighting against other teams that are like them. Minato doesn’t know that this is much more dangerous than he figures out.

Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai:

“Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai” is about a high school student called Sakuta Azusagawa who has the dangerous condition Puberty Syndrome, which has strange supernatural symptoms.

When Sakuta finds lost third-year student Mai Sakurajima dressed as a bunny and learns that she too has the disease, she decides to help her fight it by putting her in touch with more people who have it.

For people who like shows in the Ecchi genre, the love story is fun to watch. Even though the anime doesn’t focus too much on ecchi, it still has some wonderful scenes that attempt to appeal to fans of the type.

To Love-Ru:

The show To Love-Ru is perfect for people who want to laugh out loud and feel amazing pleasure all the time. You won’t be able to stop laughing at this show. It has so much fan service and weird moments that you will be drenched in pleasure.

A normal high school boy named Rito Yuuki is having a hard time telling a girl called Haruna Sairenji how he feels about her. At first, Haruna is the only girl he had to think about. But then Lala joined the trouble.

She seems to have come out of nowhere and is an alien from the planet Deviluke! Because of some strange and funny turns of events, Rito now must wed Lala and protect her from her evil alien suitors while he tries to make peace with Haruna. The idea is already pretty weird, but Lala meets Rito by suddenly appearing while he’s bathing.

That is a good way to introduce Ecchi. Over the course of the story, Rito has a hard time deciding between Lala and Haruna. Lala’s younger sister Momo also falls in love with Rito and plans to help him get a harem so she can be a part of it, which makes his choice even harder.

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Demon King Daimou:

Akuto Sai is now a student at Constant Magic Academy. He meets Junko Hattori, who also wants to change the world, and they become friends. He has a lot of goals, but they all fall through when it’s said that he will replace the present Demon King.

He tries everything, but it all fails because his disaster makes people more sure that the prophecy is going to come true. Can Akuto reach his unlikely goal when almost everyone is against him except for a few girls who have sexual feelings for him?

Devilman Crybaby:

“The Devilman Crybaby.” The story of the show is about a young boy named the Devilman who turns into an endless mix of human beings and devils.

He is much stronger than he was as a regular human teen because of this, but he retains the heart of a kid, which is why he is called the “Devilman Crybaby.” I could see why Netflix would choose to tone down a show like “Devilman Crybaby.”

But it’s clear that they just go for it. The anime’s plot and even the Ecchi parts continue to grow more intense over time. The show doesn’t shy away from adult themes as well as turns out to be quite popular for that reason.

Seitokai Yakuindomo:

It’s all about sex. Everyone, old and young, boys and girls, is sexual and sensual. Everyone is interested in and curious about sexuality and sensuality. And that’s exactly what you’ll get in the funny and upbeat school setting of Seitokai Yakuindomo.

As of recently, Ousai Academy has opened its doors to boys after being a school for girls. Tsuda Takatoshi feels culture shock for the initial time within his life on his first day there.

He only sees girls everywhere he looks. There are girls everywhere it seems like he’s the only boy at school. Even worse, he has no connection to any of them! He has trouble understanding girl talk, girl fluff, and even raunchy girl talks.

There’s no doubt that Tsuda Takatoshi is in a very strange place and situation. Time will tell if he can get used to his unfamiliar surroundings, as well as  he will ultimately discover that everyone is just like him always curious and deeply interested.

Sankarea: Undying Love:

Chihiro Furuya, a boy who is crazy about all things “zombie,” is the main character of the next strange anime. One of the oldest stories was in “Sankarea.”

He is so crazy about zombies that he wants a girlfriend. One day, Chihiro’s cat Baabu dies, which makes him want to make a potion that can bring dead things back to life.

He finds one of the important parts in the house of Rea Sanka, the girl who wants to perish. When the potion is done, Rea decides to drink it because she thinks it will kill her.

But the medicine works because Rea dies within an accident as well as comes back to life as a zombie. Chihiro might believe this is a great job, but it’s really hard for him.


“Castlevania” is a dark fantasy anime based on a gothic horror game of the exact same name made by Konami. The cartoon takes place in a violent world with monsters, vampires, and religious radicals. When these three groups meet, terrible things happen.

While the show is mostly dark and full of sneaky symbols, the flirty conversations and suggested sex scenes between Sipha as well as Trevor are sometimes cheerful and fun to watch.

As if their relationship wasn’t sufficient, the show additionally has a pretty sexy scene where Lenore seduces Hector while they are naked. So, “Castlevania” is not only a great show for people who like shows with deep themes, but it also gives Ecchi fans a lot of chances to enjoy the show.