Watch These Top 12 Great Anime Right Now


Watch These Top 12 Great Anime Right Now:

Some old anime fans say that Studio Madhouse is one of the big anime companies, like movie fans seeing the lion from the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer sign at the beginning of a movie.

Since it was founded within 1972, the famous anime studio has become a trusted source for people who are new to anime because it has made so many great shows. The studio’s many well-known anime shows cover a wide range of styles, such as fight anime, robot anime, sports anime, horror anime, and even slice-of-life anime.

But there are so many well-known Madhouse anime available that it must be hard to pick the best ones. The Studio has truly changed the whole world of anime with shows like “Death Note” and “Cardcaptor Sakura,” which are both old favorites.

We’ve still made a list of a few of the best anime shows for them to watch. The list includes both dark tales and lighthearted rom-com cartoons with great art styles.

Perfect Blue:

The anime gem “Perfect Blue” has a lasting impact on many other fields as well. In his movie “Requiem for a Dream,” Darren Aronofsky remade a whole scene from a cartoon.

In spite of being more than 20 years old, the anime’s images are still spooky, beautiful, and important. ‘Perfect Blue’ is one of Madhouse Studio’s best pieces of art, and it looks like it has aged such as fine wine.

Death Note:

This list starts with an equally famous cartoon that has started a new era of pop culture as well as funny jokes. Aside from the well-reviewed live-action version that came out in 2006, Death Note is the anime that most fans suggest to people who are new to the genre.

In the tense series, 17-year-old Japanese student Light Yagami uses his new Death Note notebook to kill everyone whose name is written on it right away. He wants to get rid of all the bad people in the world.

Yagami’s godlike power as well as the questionable ways he uses it interest L., a strange but thorough detective. So, the tricky game of chasing and avoiding starts.

Black Lagoon:

A salaried man named Rokuro Okajima goes about his daily life until he is struck by a group of bad guys on a ship. Rokuro Okajima’s coworkers betray him by giving more importance to the papers he was carrying after they kidnapped him.

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His old life seems to be over, and the people who took him seem very nice. He chooses quickly to become a soldier and join them. What kind of life does he get to live?

You should definitely give Black Lagoon to Madhouse Studios to adapt because it is a really cool cartoon. Great job on the flying bullets and action scenes, as well as the animation feels extremely realistic.

There are a lot of different kinds of symbols, like black, white, Asian, Chinese, and so on. It has among the greatest dubs, so you may view it in the language of your choice. The songs are also great.


“Rainbow” is different from all the other cartoons. It feels too real to be true, even though there’s no proof that it’s based on real events. The story takes place in 1955 and looks at how the harsh justice system treats young offenders who are all locked up in a prison.

Madhouse Studio told fans right from the start of the show that there would be intense violence.

Even though they were warned, most people won’t be ready for what’s coming. ‘Rainbow’ has an anime that may make you feel things that not many other anime will. It’s disturbing and sad to the heart.

Cardcaptor Sakura:

The story of Black Lagoon starts when The Lagoon Company, a group of updated pirates, kidnap Rokurou, a humble Japanese businessman. Rokurou decides to join the gang because he feels cheated by his old boss. He has to quickly get used to a new life full of blood, sweat, and bullets.

Besides having interesting characters from different cultures, Black Lagoon stands out from other seinen anime because it has female characters who not only have deep backstories but also look great while doing it. The show was mostly guys, except for Revy, a bitter but skilled female shooter who steals the show from her team.


Chihaya Ayase was a pretty and well-liked girl at her school. Together with two friends, she fell in love with the card game Karuta when she was in grade school.

They chose to get better at the game and play each other within the national finals after they finished from grade school. Now that they are in high school, only Chihaya appears to be keeping the promise when they see each other again.

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Chihayafuru is a great Josei cartoon with beautiful graphics. Madhouse can make amazing cartoons from any show. That being said, this cartoon does not constitute an exception.

People in the cartoon are the best thing about it. Everything about it was great, even though there is a bit more of a love triangle. You should watch this crazy cartoon if you haven’t already.

Hunter X Hunter:

One of the greatest shounen cartoons that has been going for a long time is “Hunter X Hunter.” It doesn’t have any fluff, and each show makes it better than the last. Anyone who likes smart fight anime with well-thought-out stories and complex characters should definitely watch this show.

Hunter X Hunter has been on for a long time (nearly 148 episodes), but the art quality has always been good. A lot of vibrant hues are used in the cartoon, which some people don’t like.

However, those color schemes actually go well with the anime’s happy and exciting mood. You should add “Hunter X Hunter” to your list of battle anime to watch because the fight scenes are very clever and the story keeps changing.


Still waiting for Benicio Del Toro’s live-action adaptation of the psychological horror cartoon Monster. With 74 episodes, Monster is definitely a slower-paced show.

Still, Monster lives up to all the praise it gets because it cleverly asks what the difference is between the two, whether society made the monster referred to as Johann Liebert, and whether people can be bad by nature.

The problem is still unclear not only to viewers but also to Dr. Kenzou Tenma, the main character of the anime series. Dr. Tenma goes on a trip to change things when he realizes that Johann, a child he once saved, has grown into a cunning monster who kills people over and over again.


After being with her boyfriend for a long time but not seeing him, Nana Komatsu moves to Tokyo. Along her journey, she meets a cool girl called Nana Osaki who likes punk rock.

They become pretty close, and when they get to Tokyo, they decide to share an apartment. Osaki works upon her dream while Komatsu tries to get on his own. They learn regarding love, death, and how things change along the way.

Nana is very realistic about love and friendship, which isn’t something you’ll see very often. The company did a good job alongside the animation by making the designs look very real.

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The voice acting was amazing, and it shines even brighter when the story is going on. In general, Nana is a cartoon that makes you feel nostalgic every time you watch it.

The Tatami Galaxy:

People know that Madhouse Studio likes to try new art styles and does things that aren’t “standard” for most shows. It’s easy to think, “Why aren’t there other television shows such as this?” when you first look at the art style of “The Tatami Galaxy.”

You are hit with a bunch of different images within a matter of seconds. Each one is a different metaphor that points to something in the story. One of the best cartoons that the company has made is “The Tatami Galaxy.” It should get a lot more press than it does.

Hellsing Ultimate:

Are you ready to see a vampire that is almost 600 years old fight an army of Nazi soldiers? Alucard, the famous anime anti-hero, and his friend Seras Victoria have to fight both the zombies and the Millennium Organization, which wants to take over the world and destroy it.

Studio Gonzo made an anime movie based on the series in 2001, and now Hellsing Ultimate is starting over.

While the latter has gaps because the manga wasn’t finished yet, Hellsing Ultimate not only stays true to the now-completed manga source, yet the animation quality as well as character growth are much better than in the previous installment.

One Outs:

Kojima was a famous baseball player who won many awards. He won rookie of the year seven times in a row. He tried many times, but he never got the winner crown. He opens an academy within the Okinawa area in order to make his goals come true.

Before he joins, the skilled Toua Tokuchi tells him that instead of pay, he’ll get 5 million yen for every out and lose fifty million yen if he loses a point. You’re wrong if you think One Outs was just another baseball cartoon.

People are amazed by this cartoon because it’s more like a gaming or high-stakes show. Every second. If I may say so, the main character was smart and pretty brave. This cartoon was well made by MADHOUSE. If you decide to watch it, be ready to watch it all in one day.