We already know which is the most finished game and, at the same time, the most abandoned of all 2022


It has been revealed that Elden Ring is the most completed game by players in 2022but also… is the most abandoned.

As Kotaku reports, the website called HowLongToBeat makes a series of rankings based on player statistics. In this way, we can know which games are the most viewed, the most played and even the most abandoned.

According to the data on this website, Elden Ring has been crowned the most completed game of this 2022. At least 6,000 players have claimed to be done with this huge world. But it turns out that it is also the most abandonedwith 268 players who could not continue with the latest FromSoftware.

HowLongToBeat data.

If we compare the number of players who have been able to complete Elden Ring with those who have not, we see that the difference is hugebut the number of players who left the game It is still very high if we take into account the rest of the games.

Tunic is positioned in second place with a total of 113 players who could not finish the story of the indie title, followed by Pokémon Legends: Arceus with 107.

Without a doubt, 2022 has been the year of the Elden Ring. The latest from FromSoftware managed to quickly capture the attention of gamers and win the Best Game of the Year award at The Game Awards 2022. As could be seen in the nominations, other games like God of War: Ragnarok, Horizon Forbidden West or Stray have followed him closely.

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As a curiosity, the second most completed game in this 2022 is Straywith about 4,000 users who have already passed this feline story, followed by Pokémon Legends: Arceus with a total of 2,500 players.

Although Elden Ring is the game that has received the most reviews, not the best rated: This position is for The Last of Us: Part 1. As for the lowest rated, it is Diablo Immortal, and it makes sense if we remember all the controversy that surrounded him for his monetization system.