We do not do politics in the name of poor, happiness of poor gives me satisfaction: PM Modi

Lucknow: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that we do not do politics in the name of the poor. This is not a matter of politics for us. We are determined to serve them, uplift them, protect their self-esteem. Prime Minister Modi was in virtual interaction with the street vendors of Uttar Pradesh in a program organized under PM Street Vendors Self-Reliant Fund Scheme. He said that this is the weaker section at the center of the policies of the present government. Be it the crisis period of Corona or the situation before it, we have tried to achieve the goal of ‘Antyodaya’ with continuous service. The Prime Minister said that the Central and State governments will leave no stone unturned to improve the lives and businesses of the poor. Because we do not do politics in the name of the poor. Also Read – UP Rajya Sabha: 8 BJP candidates filed nomination for Rajya Sabha, Yogi Adityanath was also present

The Prime Minister said that the happiness of the poor gives me satisfaction. This inspires us to do more work. Your confidence, concern about business and family, love for management, planning and technology are well appreciated. It is also a learning for others. Your positive thinking is our strength. With such efforts, the country moves forward and the dream of a self-reliant India is realized. Prime Minister Modi said that at the beginning of the global epidemic Corona, many people expressed apprehension on India’s ability to deal with it. During this time, the government kept only the most affected poor from lockdown at the center of all its schemes. The pace of progress of these schemes was appreciated at a time when life was almost halted in Corona. For the first time after independence, people saw this happening. The entire country stood with the poor with all its strength and resources. During this time your labor also got respect and recognition of your work. Also Read – Bihar Assembly Election 2020: Tejashwi raised 11 questions before PM Modi’s visit to Bihar, raised the issue of girl child scandal

Modi said that the whole effort of the government has been that the poor should not have any problem in getting the benefits of the schemes. Maximum technique is used for transparency and speed. It happened. Jan Dhan accounts played a big role in this. It is the same accounts that some people were very pained upon opening. These are the same people who are immersed in extreme corruption themselves. They do politics in the name of the poor, but all the shame of dishonesty bursts on the poor. But after getting the benefit from this scheme, the poor started repaying the loan and told the people who think that the poor are honest. He never compromises with self-respect. While speaking to the street vendors, the Prime Minister said that the amount of praise that you guys fight with Corona in odd conditions is less. Surely Korana will lose soon, but in this season of festival festivals, do not be negligent at all. Remember the basic mantra of two yards and the mask itself and keep reminding people. Also Read – When Nitish disappeared from BJP’s advertisement, Congress played sympathy card, said- CM Babu …

Prime Minister Modi praised Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and his entire team. He said that Uttar Pradesh has done its best to benefit the characters from the central government schemes. In terms of giving loans to the track traders also remained number one. So far, out of 25 lakh registrations under this scheme in the country, about 7 lakh registrations have been done only from UP. Not only this, the government has waived stamp duty for taking loans. During the extraordinary crisis of Korana, the UP government has done a commendable job by providing maintenance allowance, relief, advance pension to every eligible person and worrying for the poor. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that every track businessman who will apply for loan will be saturated with this scheme. So far, about 7 lakh people have registered. 6.53 lakh people have applied for loans. Out of these, loans have been sanctioned to about four lakh people. About 2.74 lakh lakh people have got loans.

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